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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 63 - Empowering Beliefs

So now I have identified and deconstructed my limiting beliefs, I have re-written them to be empowering and enabling.

♥ 55kg is the best that I can be and I deserve to be my best self. With new tools and new beliefs I will create and keep my new body. My body and my mind are inseparable so my thoughts are what matters and they can be changed in an instant.

♥ I can reset my happy weight to anywhere I choose. There are naturally lean people who easily maintain a a low BF%. I have 5 years of wisdom, progress and experience that makes my evolution simple and natural. I have achieved so much in the past while holding on to my limiting beliefs, imagine what I can achieve now I have inner alignment!

♥ Losing fat is an exciting adventure when combined with my desire for total health and constant balance. By eating whole food in appropriate amounts (not too little or too much) my body can release the fat without being constantly hungry. I am not required to be perfect, I just need make continuous improvements.

♥ Being naturally lean as a result of balance and health is energising, liberating and taps into unbelievable reserves of peace and contentment. I deeply and completely love and accept myself right here and now so that I can thrive and grow.

♥ Feeling peaceful, energised and free will make me attractive from the inside out. My husband will fall in love with me all over again each day that I am balanced and centred. My happiness is contagious and I always let in the light.

♥ It is easy and effortless for me to be lean because I have the advantage of a muscular metabolism, solid exercising habits and a preference for healthy food. I am always in tune with my miraculous body - I am conscious and present.

  • What about your new beliefs?
  • Have you written them down yet today? ... and tomorrow? ... keep writing them down daily until they become a part of you ...


  1. Anonymous11:55 am

    Thank you for always "letting in the light" you beautiful soul!

    I LOVE reading your blog and I think that you are a very special person Katie :)
    little rene xxx

  2. Thanks Rene - I hope you are well and happy ♥