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Monday, 24 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 71 - Phase Three Recap and Prepare for the Pirates Council

Phase Three Recap -- Setting Sail - Leaving the Past Behind
If you missed Phase One you can find it here.
If you missed Phase Two you can find it here.
Day 79 - Check the Map
Are your goals focused on the journey or the destination? Determine your reasons why, your passion and your emotions. Take action. Write down your goals and say them out loud.

Day 78 - Your Weakness is Irrelevant
Focus your thoughts and your energy on what you do well rather than what trips you up. Forget about your weaknesses and enjoy your fabulousness. What are you famous for?

Day 77 - Trim the Sails
Pay attention to all the areas of your life for total happiness. Remember your emotional, spiritual and financial aspirations as well as your physical ones.

Day 76 - Phase One Mid Point Challenge - Bonus Bone : Why?
List the top 25 reasons you want to be fit and lean and how it affect the four areas of your life.

Day 75 - A Day-by-Day Workbook?
Leave your feedback on the length of the challenge, the 10 day phases and any other suggestions to help me create a Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge Workbook.

Day 74 - The Perfect Day : Bonus Bone
Write a journal entry that describes your perfect day from waking through to sleeping. Are your actions today helping to make that dream a reality?

Day 73 - Walk the Plank : Do Something Weird
Did you try EFT? Did it work for you?

Day 72 - Bonus Bone - Pirates Gallery
A chance to post a silly picture of yourself in a pirate costume.

Day 71 - Prepare for the Third Pirates Council
Day 70 marks the completion of Phase Three and the third Pirates Council. This post (the one you are reading now) reviews the highlights of this phase. You can catch up now if you have missed anything.

Tomorrow morning I will post my official Phase Three check in. If you are finishing Phase Three with me, or are close enough then you can add your information by commenting ON TOMORROW'S POST (it will help me if it is all in one place):

Check in information is:
  • your Skinny Bones tally for this Phase (fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google if you have access otherwise add it to your comment)
  • your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cm lost, days without bingeing, physical improvements
  • your victory over the Pirate of Powerlessness
  • your intention for the next 10 days

Day 70 - See you tomorrow at the Pirate Council for Phase Three and the start of Phase Four - Stormy Weather

So get cracking on those tasks and challenges so you can get your Skinny Bones tally up.

Heave Ho Me Hearties ... We've been doing this for a whole month! ♥

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