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Thursday, 20 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 75 - A Day-by-Day Workbook?

I am thinking of putting together a day-by-day Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge Workbook with all the individual tasks on each day and a place to fill them in. That way people could start their own challenge at any time.

I need your opinion ...

Is 100 days too long?
Would a shorter challenge be better/easier?

Are the 10 day phases just weird?
Should they be 7 days like a normal week?

Would anyone beside me use it?

Any other ideas to improve the challenge?

Please give me your thoughts.


  1. I'm a bit confused by the bones system - I think I may have lost a few along the way - will have to go and change my tally in our sheet!

  2. I think 100 days is a good length, you can really see some great results in that time. Hmm not sure I was originally thinking that weeks would be better then 10 days pases but the 10 day phases are different and kind of cool to break it up like that So it makes the Skinny Bones Challenge unique. I think the book idea is awesome, I would so get one!
    I did yesterdays challenge I just ave not posted it, in fact I went back and did them all and wrote them in my notebook. I really wish I had bought a new notebook at the start of the Skinny Bones Challenge.

  3. I think the 100 day challenge with the 10 day phases is unique, - different from all the 84 day or 12 week challenges out there! At the end of each phase there could be a 'review' page, then a 'vision' page for the start of the following phase! The book or journal is an awesome idea!!!


  4. Yes thats a great idea
    Yes I would use it!! I love logging, keeps me accountable.

    I personally being a planner, having a working week and having gotten used to working in weeks would prefer 7 day phases even if it went the closest to 100 days in 7's?
    So 98 and have the 2 days as something diff to do or a big challenge etc.


  5. My thoughts:

    A 30 day challenge with 7 day phases.

  6. Thanks for all the ideas -- I love the 'review' and 'vision' idea.
    It seems we are divided about 10 days vs 7 days -- I shall wait to see if anyone else has an opinion.

  7. I also like the the 10 day, 10 Phase plan. I personnaly don't want a work-book, I don't need another journal...already have 3 ....I need time for other stuff!!
    Luv ya Katie!!