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Friday, 21 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 74 - The Perfect Day

It is 4-55 am and I wake from a heavy sleep, alert, revitalized and refreshed. My husband is snoring gently beside me and I kiss him lightly on the forehead as I get out of bed.

I head to the kitchen where I make myself a huge mug of tea. I carry it with me to my office where I turn on my computer.

It is still dark outside and I can see the lights of Balmain gently reflected in the still waters of the harbour. It is quiet and peaceful. I can smell the calming aroma of my vanilla green tea as I sip it slowly and murmur a silent prayer of thanks for the day.

I check my emails and notice that overnight 20 people have bought my e-book and 30 people have signed up for their own 100 Day Challenge. I check that my blog has published and respond to any comments that have been left since last night.

I write my affirmations for the day in my notebook and then get dressed for the gym. As I head out the door, the sky is just beginning to lighten and the birds have started singing.

At the gym, I lift heavy and hard for 30 minutes. I take time to chat with some of the girls who have asked me about my training program. I head for the cardio machines and power walk while I listen to an inspirational MP3 on my Ipod.

Once I am home again, I prepare a healthy, delicious breakfast from whole foods without any chemicals or additives. My sweet tooth is perfectly satisfied by the fresh banana in my pancakes and I am full and content at the end of the meal.

I jump into the shower and catch the reflection of myself in the mirror. I am lean and muscular. I am proud of how I look. After my shower I dress, do my hair, and put on some makeup. I no longer need to worry about my contact lenses now I have had laser eye surgery.

It is now 8am. I spend the next 4 hours on the computer reading blogs, commenting, responding to emails, posting on the Skinny Bones Forum, writing blog posts and encouraging my challenge participants. I write a guest blog for a major Health and Fitness blog, an article for Hubpages and do an online interview for a Fitness magazine. I drink 2 litres of water without even thinking about it.

I am so totally absorbed in my work that I don't even notice it is lunch time until my stomach starts grumbling. I head to the kitchen and prepare a wonderful stir-fry with chicken thighs and my favorite vegetables. My husband isn't starting work until this afternoon so we sit on the back steps in the sun and talk together while I eat my tasty satisfying lunch. He's a little frisky today so I 'sort him out'!

After lunch I spend another 2-3 hours working on my latest e-book. I am so excited to re-write my original e-book with all the new information I have learned. Another 2 litres of water is gone before I know it.

Around 4pm, I head out the door and up the street to take a yoga class. The class gives me time to focus on myself and clear my mind completely. I breathe deeply and come home rejuvenated.

After a quick snack, I have another shower and then slip into my favourite designer dress and heels for this evening's engagement. Tonight I am speaking at a conference on empowering women. As an author earning my living through writing about my passion, my experience is inspiring other people who want to live an extraordinary life. I am offered the most beautiful gourmet meal at the conference and I enjoy every mouthful although I get full quickly and can't finish it. I meet an incredible group of fascinating positive women who invite me to have lunch with them the next day. I quickly agree.

When the hire car service eventually drops me home, I am happy that the evening went so well. I spend some more time tidying up my blog post for the next morning, writing in my journal and catching up on any emergency emails. I climb into bed and read the final draft of Tom Venuto's latest book he has asked me to review for him. I finally fall asleep exhausted and content.

This is my perfect day.

Some day soon, this will be how I live my life every single day. I am so excited!

Every day that I go to the gym, eat healthy, whole, chemical-free food, kiss my husband, drink water, write, blog, learn new things and save my money is another step closer to my dream.

When you think about it like that, there is no daily struggle or hardship, today is just another day investing in my future.

  • What's your perfect day? (write it as a diary entry rather than a list because the image is more real when you describe what you see, smell, hear and feel)
  • What would it look like if there was absolutely nothing in your way? Let your imagination go crazy!
  • What do you already have/do that is part of your perfect day? (hold on to that with both hands and acknowledge how far you've already come)
  • What are you doing today to make that day closer than it was yesterday?
  • What can you let go that is just distracting you from the task at hand?
  • Skinny Bones Pirates get a Bonus Bone
Dream a bigger dream and take action, in some small way, to make that dream a reality.


  1. What a wonderful life and a perfect day.

    I hope you got 'sorted out' too (lol).

  2. What a lovely day Katie, I'm not sure what my perfect day would be, but it has got me thinking...

  3. Great post!!! And what an inspiration!! :)


  4. hmmm.."perfect" don't like that word lately, seems unattainable,I prefer a day full of purpose, we do things for a reason and meaning that brings me personal satisfaction! I like your idea of "investing" in your day-so inspiring usual!!

  5. @Shelley -- that goes without saying!

    @Kristy -- dream big - anything is possible

    @JustAgirl -- I'm glad you enjoyed it

    @Cathy -- the day is 'perfect' not me because goodness knows that is never going to happen! Maybe it could be your ideal/dream/most wonderful day ever instead ♥

    (it is strange how words have different meanings to different people - full of purpose sounds like a weighty responsibility to me, I prefer to fly on the wings of imagination and spontaneity)