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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 76 - Phase Three Mid Point Challenge - Why?

Today's challenge is to list at least 25 reasons why you want to be fit, lean and healthy that will empower all areas of your life. A minimum of 6 reasons each in physical, spiritual, emotional and financial (+ one extra for good measure).
(Don't forget the positive and present tense!)

I am strong enough to protect myself
I live each day with energy and vitality
I can run for a bus without getting breathless
I can take the stairs 2 at a time
I look great in my clothes and even better naked
I have wide shoulders, a flat stomach and a gap between my thighs

I have a positive outlook on life
My moods are balanced and even
I have great sex
I can find solutions to problems without being overwhelmed
I positively affect everyone I come into contact with
I model a life that is extraordinary and I celebrate my uniqueness
I love my life

I live in the present
I am thankful for each breathe I take
I live mindfully and consciously
I connect with similar souls in the universe
I appreciate the magnificent of creation
I feel at home in my body
I have the qualities of patience, kindness and giving

I am earning my living through my passion
I spend my money responsibly
I give to others in greater need
I invest in my health and well-being
Improving my health and fitness is my career
My example and my unique voice grows my online business

  • What are your reasons to change your life?
  • How will being fit lean and healthy affect your entire life?
  • If you can't think of enough reasons, then maybe this isn't what you really want.
  • If you have no trouble at all with this exercise, then reflect on your list -- WOW!
  • Skinny Bones Pirates get a BONUS BONE for their list

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