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Friday, 14 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 81 - Phase Two Recap and Prepare for The Pirates Council

Phase Two Recap -- Recruiting Your Crew
If you missed Phase One you can find it here

Day 89 - Check the Map
Time to re-visit those goals to make sure they are still working for you. Add, subtract and adjust -- just make sure those daily actions are propelling you in the right direction.

Day 88 - Bonus Bone : Recruit Your Pirate Partner and Crew
Write your recruitment advertisement listing all the qualities the people who support you should possess.

Day 87 - Bonus Bone : Promote Your First Mate
Identify that one person who is your health and fitness soul mate. Say thank you.

Day 86 - Phase One Mid Point Challenge - Bonus Bone : The Pirate Kings/Queens
Who is your role model? You coach, your mum, a famous figure athlete? Tell us who you look up to and why for a Mid Point Challenge Bonus Bone.

Day 85 - Create a Permanent Record
Print out a copy of the 100 Day Challenge Template or create a journal of your own. Make a lasting memento of this time when you took control and smashed through the things that always held you back.

Day 84 (or at any point in this Phase) - Fight the Evil Pirate of Powerlessness
Face your greatest fear and beat it. Resist temptation. Do something when you don't feel like it. Fight the evil Pirate and win. Figure out what to do when you lose.

Day 83 - Walk the Plank
Challenge your beliefs. Stop the insanity. What can you change in your life even though it frightens you?

Day 82 - Stock the Galley - How clean is your diet?
Nutrition is the most important part of a healthy, empowered life style. Do you enjoy eating clean, need your naughty treats, or swing from one extreme to the other? What is your approach to eating? Take the poll.

Day 81 - Prepare for the Second Pirates Council
Day 80 marks the completion of Phase Two and the second Pirates Council. This post (the one you are reading now) reviews the highlights of this phase. You can catch up now if you have missed anything.

Tomorrow morning I will post my official Phase Two check in. If you are finishing Phase Two with me, or are close enough then you can add your information by commenting ON TOMORROW'S POST (it will help me if it is all in one place):

Check in information is:
  • your Skinny Bones tally for this Phase (fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google if you have access otherwise add it to your comment)
  • your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cm lost, days without bingeing, physical improvements
  • your victory over the Pirate of Powerlessness
  • what you have learned in the last 20 days

Day 80 - See you tomorrow at the Pirate Council for Phase Two and the start of Phase Three - Setting Sail.

So get cracking on those tasks and challenges so you can get your Skinny Bones tally up.

Bugger me ... It's going so fast! ♥

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