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Friday, 7 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 88 - Commence Recruitment

Position : Pirate Partners

Job Description : Supports the expedition from afar. Pirate partners would never set off an adventure themselves but have respect and admiration for those who do.
Eligible : Family, friends, partners (people who don't have health and fitness as a priority)

Applicants must:
  • support the Captain in fair seas and in foul
  • never make jokes about her size (big or little)
  • abstain from eating takeaway food in front of her when she is in fat loss mode
  • never offer food with the phrase 'one bite won't hurt you'
  • stay out of the kitchen when she is late home and trying to cook her dinner
  • know where to buy Skinny Cow ice-cream and soy protein powder
  • leave the chicken breast meat on the BBQ chicken while eating all the skin
  • understand her gym obsession
  • know if she is eating carbs or not and which vegetables are 'allowed'
  • wash her smelly workout clothes
  • comfort her when she thinks she is fat
  • avoid buying chocolates or cupcakes as a sign of affection
  • not expect her to go out to eat very often
  • look like Johnny Depp
Successful applicant = Mr KatieP (love his guts)

Position : Pirate Crew

Job Description : In search of their own buried treasure and are willing share their journey to make getting the booty easier for everyone.
Eligible : Forum participants, fellow bloggers, weight loss group members, gym goers, athletes, health and fitness professionals

Applicants must:
  • support the Captain in fair seas and in foul
  • tell the Captain when she is on a crazy diet plan or over-training and suggest a better plan
  • understand how a number on the scales can make her cry
  • talk her down when she wants to drown in fat and sugar to ease life's pain
  • lift heavier or ran faster than the Captain so she is compelled to compete
  • remind her how well she is doing when she can't see any progress
  • question her explanations when they start to resemble excuses
  • tell the captain what you did when the same thing happened to you
  • remain loyal even when the ship is sinking or is lost at the bottom of the ocean
  • remind her that she is not alone, she is not weird, and that Pirate's aren't normal
  • look like Johnny Depp or Pauline Nordin
Successful applicants = Skinny Bones Pirates of Potential, weight loss and fitness bloggers, online experts like Tom Venuto and figure athletes.

Bonus Bone Task
  • What top 3 qualities do you look for in your Pirate Partner(s)?
  • What top 3 qualities do you look for in your Crew?
  • Are the positions filled?

Tomorrow we look at the special position of first mate -- she is so important and crucial to our success that she gets an entire post of her own!


  1. Right by your side Captain Feathersword and ready to fight!!

  2. Mmmmm looking to my Pirate friends to see who will step up to the challenge .....