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Sunday, 30 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 65 - Finding Balance

The path to peace and happiness is one of balance. We need to live in a place that is centred and grounded. Every time that we veer off course we need to make corrections to come back into balance, back to our centre, find equilibrium.

The act of calorie restriction is inherently unbalancing in our lives. We push ourselves to the extreme side of under eating and over training and the pendulum swings in a large arc to one side. Is it any wonder that we eventually cave in and end up eating massive amounts of crappy food and barely being able to leave the couch?

The very act of pushing in one direction will guarantee that you will end up at some point at the other end of the spectrum.

It is better to live in the middle, in equilibrium, in the grey scale between black and white. If you are radically and excessively moderate you will achieve your goals quickly and easily. Every single day you should be self correcting back to absolute centre.

If you overeat at one meal, you eat less at the next, or wait until you are hungry again before you eat. If you train hard and intense on one day, you do something lighter the next. If you are rushed and have no time for yourself today, you take time out tomorrow. If you feel anxious and stressed, then you listen to some music, meditate or take a walk.

Instead of eating, training and completing your 'to do' list because you have to in order to achieve your goals, do those same things with the purpose of finding balance and renewal.

I go to the gym, I walk, I do yoga because it balances me. I eat healthy, clean food without chemicals because it centres me. I listen to inspirational podcasts, write, speak kindly to my co-workers, and keep a success journal because these actions keep me on the wide, flat pathway to happiness when life tries to push me off course.

Following a prescribed weight loss diet, or a 'fat incinerating' exercise program for the purpose of achieving a calorie deficit is unpleasant, hard work and requires discipline and will power that is impossible to maintain over time.

Wanting to live a balanced and centred life means I will practice similar fat loss nutrition and training strategies but with an entirely different attitude. All of a sudden, I don't blow off my exercise because I am too tired to care about losing weight today. I go to the gym because I know that it will make today a better day because I will be in balance.

There is no longer any urgency or pressure to perform. I can simply make small and frequent adjustments throughout my day. And what follows is a sense of peace and calm that is truly miraculous and sustainable for the rest of my life.

Late Breaking News

Former fat chick, former diet coke addict and self confessed comfort eater KatieP had two significant breakthroughs yesterday.

She was on her way to the kitchen to get a snack when she chose to have a hot shower first to think through what she was feeling before she ate. She realised that she was reacting to a difficult situation (details tomorrow) and just needed a break and to feel warm and safe. The shower provided what she needed and she wasn't hungry after all.

KatieP had also bought a diet coke because she wanted to practice extreme moderation by having one as a special treat. Half way through the DC she realised that pouring toxic chemicals into her body wasn't that much of a treat after all. She poured the coke down the sink and didn't finish it. A headache followed soon after reminding her that her instincts had been right.

Both of these behaviours are unprecedented and herald a significant shift in her behaviour. Is it possible that serious changes are taking place?

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