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Thursday, 24 September 2009

A New Paradigm - Self Care, Here and Now

Paradigm :
A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.
For me, there are now so many things wrong with the concept of a 100 Day Challenge and counting the days. What I am counting down to? Is my life really a challenge? Is this fixation on time and numbers of benefit?

A New Paradigm
I choose to take great care of myself in this moment right here, right now. I observe my thoughts and replace the negative with the positive. I listen to my body and eat food that gives me the most pleasure over the longest time. I move with joy and ease. I do what makes me happy and alive every moment of every day.

There is no time, there is no tomorrow, my life is not a giant countdown clock to the next event, I choose to be happy right now.

Achieving a fit, lean, healthy body is not the measure of success but the by-product of living a life of nurturing self care and self love.

Join the revolution - if you believe that true happiness in found in the alignment of body, mind and spirit [or head, heart and health] then shift your focus from achieving the perfect body to living an authentic life of joy, peace, love and laughter.

After all, that is the goal of the goal right? You want to be lean, fit and healthy so you can increase the joy in your life. Why wait for a number - a day, a date, a scale reading, a BF %, a dress size - dive right in to happiness today by feeling comfortable and at ease with who you are on the inside.

Let's shake up this community where we fixate on how much we weigh, how many calories we ate and how much we burned in the gym and make celebrating our continuous improvement and learning from our mistakes the cornerstone of our evolution. Let's transform our assumptions, concepts, values and practices.

When we change our thinking, our beliefs, and our identity and connect with God/the universe/our collective energy, then today is an incredible gift and our future is beyond our imagination.

Oh how this thrills my heart ...

What do I want? I want the joy, the sass, the bliss that comes with knowing I'm living my life EXACTLY the way I want to, and EXACTLY the way God intended. Having a buff, sexy body will be a sweet bonus. Not the end goal, just a symptom of living a healthy, happy life.

I'm holding on for my miracle. I'm not going anywhere till I get it and when I get it, I'm never letting go.
♥ Liimu


  1. God damn I'm excited!

  2. So well said Katie. On my way up to and down from 90kg I basically shut down my life. I didn't want to be seen and subsequently I wasn't seen. I shut myself away in a room for nearly 3 years, only coming out for work or study. What a waste of precious time :o(

  3. Now this I like. I have been trying to live like this for about 3 years now. It is not easy, actually living like this is still a challenge but not one with an end date or prescription for failure. Sometimes the doubts set in and I count calories again for a while or set myself ridiculous goals but then I realise that I am making myself unhappy and that the cycle has started again. It is getting easier though.

    Love and be kind to yourself. x

  4. Here's a thought.

    You and me - the Thelma & Louise of "Fuck Diets Incorporated"


  5. @ Shelley - I'm excited too - we already are the Thelma and Louise of FDI!

    @Frankie - life is too short to waste hating ourselves - no matter what shape we are we are still beautiful

    @Cherub - someone described it at eat, repent, repeat - an endless cycle of misery. I think the challenge is that this is out of our comfort zone and we want to scurry back to the safety of calories and end dates. We are practising weight mastery and it's just like riding a bike or learning to walk, tough at the beginning but the more we try the easier it gets until it eventually becomes automatic.