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Friday, 9 October 2009

The Freaky Shit

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my 1,000th post.

On this momentous occasion, I will dig deep into my authenticity and reveal some of the freaky shit that has been going on since I undertook this new adventure of aligning my head, heart, and health.

♫ I have been unable to go to the gym and lift heavy weights. I have tried a few time to ensure that it wasn't just laziness or burn out, but I feel genuinely uncomfortable on weights floor and out of place in the cardio room. The only thing that feels OK is RPM class. I am aware of an atmosphere of competition and judgment that feels draining. In the dark RPM class, there is a feeling of camaraderie as we work as a virtual team and challenge ourselves.

♫ I now practice yoga every morning. As the sky lightens above the trees I practice sun salutations. It is as essential to my day. I also take 2-3 classes a week and I am aware of an atmosphere of sharing, support and complimentary energy.

♫ I drop into a meditative state more easily as each day passes and keep going deeper. If I was to describe it I would liken it to the state between waking and sleeping. It has seemed like I have been meditating for hours when only 5 minutes have passed.

♫ My natural preferences are for fruit and vegetables above anything else. Now there are no bad foods, I keep trying my old favourites only to discover that they either taste ordinary or sit oddly in my stomach. The thought of meat is less and less appealing.

♫ The most challenging yoga poses are the 'heart opening' ones. My chest muscles are strong but also constricted. My back and shoulders are broad and open. When I try to contract my back half and open the front half of my torso I have difficulty. It is interesting that my heart is where I have been closed down.

♫ Strangers speak to me and smile, colleagues confide in me, kitty won't leave me alone -- my openness invites others in instead of shutting them out.

♫ My life is slower.

♫ I say grace.

♫ My giant tea cup at work has a post it note with the words love and gratitude stuck to it.

♫ I have unsubscribed to about 75% of the blogs in my reader and most of my email newsletters. There is a whole world of people whose blogs provide nurture, comfort and guidance and I am reading those now and filing them under 'holistic health'.

♫ My instinct is to do random acts of kindness when I feel at my lowest. By doing something for someone else I forget about myself.

♫ I'm in between goodbye and hello. I'm saying "yes" to life. I'm taking better care of myself. I'm taking my first faltering steps on this quest for inner peace.

♫ My body and I talk to each other
Hello body. Create for me a safe home, a home that is an oasis, that is calm, that is flowing with life energy, and that is reflective of my beauty. Allow me to breathe my peaceful spirit deep into every fiber, every cell, and every strand of DNA. Release from your tissues all that is not me, all that is not love. Release the aches and pains and frozen areas that keep me – my spirit – and life energy from flowing freely within you. I give you complete permission to do what you do best, which is of course to be a self-healing body always in a state of perpetual rejuvenation.
Happy 1,000th post ~ here's to 1,000 more ~ I am so excited to dream of what my life might look like then...


  1. Happy Birthday dear blog
    Happy Birthday dear blog
    Happy Birthday dear blogger
    Happy Birthday dear blog.

    God, I crack myself up!!

    BTW - love your freaky shit.

  2. You sound more at peace with yourself - great to hear!