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Thursday, 1 October 2009

What is Your Likelihood of Weight Loss Success ~ Take this Quiz

Q: When someone offers you a piece of delicious caramel cheesecake with a serve of creamy ice-cream and dusted with chocolate shavings you say (truthfully) ...

(a) I can't eat it

(b) I shouldn't eat it

(c) I won't eat it

(d) I don't feel like it


(a) I can't eat it because I'm on a diet | it's not on the plan | I have to lose weight
If your response is (a) it means that you are driven by an external motivation and a set of rules set by someone else. You have given your power to a book, a trainer, a weight loss corporation who is making your decisions for you. You will feel deprived and are counting down the days until your diet is over.

Likelihood of Success = 0-25%

(b) I shouldn't eat it because I'm on my diet | it's not on my plan | I need to lose weight
If your response is (b) it means you are driven by internal motivation and a set of rules you have adopted for yourself. You are a high achiever and rely on your willpower to keep you on track. You will feel constricted and will eventually rebel against your own rules because they crush your sense of individuality and freedom. You are counting down the days until you reach your goal.

Likelihood of Success = 25-50%

(c) I won't eat it because it will make me feel sick | is not very nutritious | will spike my blood sugar
If your response is (c) it means you are driven by internal motivation to be healthy. You enjoy the benefits of feeling physically wonderful through your healthy choices which will keep your motivation high. You will still struggle with psychological cravings for food you consider to be 'bad' and will be caught off guard when your defences are down through sickness, tiredness or lack of results. You are counting the days you have been eating clean/binge free.

Likelihood of Success = 50-75%

(d) I don't feel like it because I'm not hungry | I had some yesterday | it's too rich for me
If your response is (d) it means that you are living the life you always imagined. You enjoy the pleasures of food, but you genuinely prefer the healthy stuff most of the time. You can walk away from the cheesecake without a second thought because you didn't feel like it. You are free to eat it whenever you want, and you have discovered that you only feel like rich heavy food once in a while. You've forgotten to count anything except your blessings.

Likelihood of Success = 75-100%

Observe your language - are your statements filled with "I have to/can't" ~ "I should/shouldn't" ~ "I will/won't" ~ "I feel like/don't feel like"? Do a search of your own blog posts to see how often the words appear ...

Here's a sample from my own blog :

I become confused and stressed every time I have to make an eating decision

I should go back to my last year's competition diet because I was losing at least 0.5kg a week and I am not doing that now.

I refine my choices keeping in mind that my carbs shouldn't exceed 100-120g for the day

I don't feel like I have to eat everything I've missed on low carb today because I know I get to do this again next week.

How did you do??


  1. Anonymous6:15 am

    hooray! I said D. I don't like cheesecake though so does it still count ;)

  2. What about all of the above..I'm a special case you know! I feel like crap this pms cycle,it's soo bad!! Hope you are doing better!

  3. @Redhead - way to go! although you do have an advantage if you don't like it in the first place!

    @Cathy - something that helped me with the recent return of my proper cycle is to focus on forgiving your body. If you are like me, you have been at war with it, trying to control it when it has felt like it has betrayed you. Love and accept your body, it's hormones and forgive it for being 'off balance'.

    Don't enter into a fight -- you might find that if you give in to the cravings and eat with the notion that you are giving your body what it needs in this moment, you might find peace and contentment and then move on. There are all sorts of things going on and if we truly listen to our bodies then they won't betray us.

    If it is emotional eating to relieve the pain (food to self medicate) then take a painkiller instead. I always thought I had to suffer through the pain ... not required -- asprin is better than giving your body loads of crappy food it doesn't need when it is already busy trying to re-balance your hormones.

    (sorry for the essay - hope something resonates)

  4. I'm a D, but like Redhead, I have no problem passing up sweet stuff, now if it was White Castello...... I'd just have a bit if I really wanted on my new F it diet!!!