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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Deprived of Connection and Belonging

Sometimes you stumble upon the thread at the end of the scarf that once pulled, unravels the whole garment.
This describes me exactly ~
Most of us former dieters are afraid of being deprived. We believe that trying to lose weight means that we will be deprived of joy, connection, foods we love, or a sense of belonging.
Many diets that restrict us from eating in a normal way exacerbate these feelings. We have to prepare or order tasteless food. We can’t join in with cocktails or dessert and we can’t relax because we have to stay in control to prevent a slip in our diet.
Unfortunately, to many of us, this is a familiar feeling. We may have grown up feeling disconnected from people around us in our families or in our schools. We use diets to repeat this pattern; isolation ensues. We believe deprivation feels awful. Deprivation from food is one thing, but deprivation from love and connection is worse.

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  1. Great information! I enjoyed this one, and many of the other posts you've been putting out lately.