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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

OK Let's start that again

A lot of things have happened since my first post. Most noticeably I didn't continue posting to my blog - I did it once and then forgot about it.

This time I am taking it seriously and will endeavour to post more regularly.
Since the last post:
  • I gained 4 kgs from giving up smoking and relapsed [I am a smoker again]
  • I worked overseas of 7 weeks and gained another 6 kgs
  • Discovered I could no longer continue fighting my weight on my own and joined Weight Watchers

I have now been on the WW program for 7 weeks and have lost 6kgs and have reached my WW goal. My personal goal is to lose the last 4kgs and be back to 57kgs.

OK - so that is enough of a catch up. Today's post will be about today.

I weighed in today in the city because I missed last night's meeting as I was flying back from New York. I have lost 1.3kg since last week which makes a net loss of .5kg over the last two weeks. My number is 61.7 kgs.

Considering the obstacles I am extremely proud. How would you lose weight if:

  • you were staying in a hotel room with room service and no fridge, microwave or kettle so all your meals were take-away
  • were working 11am to 11pm everyday
  • were extremely jet lagged
  • were in New York where everything has fat and sugar added and portion sizes are HUGE
  • had to eat airplane food for 2 x 24 hour trips
  • couldn't drink normal amount of water because public toilets too hard to find

on the plus side, imagine if

  • it was the middle of summer - no freezing cold winter mornings
  • it was a 20 minute walk to work each way
  • there was a fabulous gym in the hotel
  • you ordered gluten free meals on the plane which were grilled chicken/fish, veges and fruit
  • found a restaurant (eventually) for health freaks that had no sugar, salt, fat or white flour added to the food. LESSON TWO - RESEARCH HEALTHY EATING OPTIONS EARLY
  • you went to a WW meeting in New York and were treated like a movie star

All things considered I did very very well [if I say so myself!!]

Had a welcome home breakfast with my partner at a local cafe. Ordered an omlette and for the first time ever asked them to hold the oil. The chef bought it out and said he had only used 1 tsp of oil. LESSON FOUR - DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR YOUR FOOD HOW YOU WANT IT

To celebrate my success I bought a new pair of joggers. This is my third pair in the past 18 months as the old ones seemed to have no "spring" left in them. Tried them out at the gym this afternoon and they seem much improved on the old ones. LESSON FIVE - BUY THE BEST PAIR OF SNEAKERS YOU CAN AFFORD AND REPLACE THEM EVERY 6 MONTHS.

Now I am exhausted after not much sleep on the plane but will stay awake until bedtime.

All in all - so far a GOOD day. Wow - look at all those great lessons I have learned and implemented in the last 2 weeks - excellent.

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