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Thursday, 3 August 2006

You look fit!

I have the rest of the week off to recover from my jet lag so was at home when the "door to door" salesman came around.
Having recently got out of bed, I was dressed in T shirt, track suit pants and joggers and the first comment was "have you just been jogging?"
I had not because then I would have been all sweaty and my hair all wet and lanky, but I thought it an odd question.
Later on in the conversation, he commented again that I looked very fit. It may have been normal salesman patter - you know, give the girl a compliment, but I have never been given a compliment about my fitness before in my life. People that meet me for the first time don't know I've lost weight or that I battle constantly with my size, but strangers now notice that I look fit.
I looked up the word fit to see what it really means - "to be sound physically and mentally".
Hey that's me - I'm a fit person - sound physically and mentally. Hurrah!!

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