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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The Farting Around method of exercise

Some of us like structure, some of us like freedom and some of us -- it depends!

When it comes to an eating plan, I would rather it be structured. Stick to the rules and I won't gain weight and might even lose some. I don't do well on "eat until you're full" or "everything in moderation" as I don't find "full" and "moderation" are defined enough parameters for me.

Us structured eating people love diets, freedom eaters find them restrictive, depriving and rebel at the first opportunity.

Now when it comes to exercise I thought I would like a structured approach. Stick to the plan, do this on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and this on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and you will be toned/fit/buff or whatever you want to be.

I tried that for a long time -- going to the gym every morning, doing a set routine, and making sure I did the prescribed amount of weights and cardio.

But I am over all that. I can't stand the thought of an upper/lower body split, steady state/interval cardio split blah blah blah. The main reason is that if I miss a day or want to do an extra day, it buggers up the plan.

So my new approach is the "Farting Around" method of exercise.

Rule 1 - you have to do something for at least 5 minutes and then decide whether or not to continue.

Rule 2 - you have to do something 5 days out of 7

Rule 3 - do what you feel like doing, not what you think you should be doing

That's it. I get up in the morning, put on something comfy, and do something at home. Sometimes it is a leisurely walk on the treadmill, sometimes it's interval training. Sometimes it is one muscle group [all the chest exercises I can think of], sometimes upper or lower half [not very often lower half], sometimes I do every exercise I can think of with a 10 kg plate or the stretch band, sometimes I just do pushups and dips, sometimes I do a Yoga DVD - you get the idea.

Every morning I get up and decide to "Fart Around" for at least 5 minutes but usually more than 20 minutes. It is kind of fun -- it takes the punishment element out of it. I'm just moving my body, breathing harder than normal and doing some work. On this plan, I sometimes even feel like doing a second session in the evening, and I never feeling guilty for skipping something I scheduled because I didn't plan anything.

There you have it -- the Farting Around method of exercise -- use it at your peril :)


  1. I am a class person.

    Right now - two very different yoga classes that meet 2X per week each.

    I think that classes give me a little structure and a little socialization and get me out and about.

    And, if I don't do anything else the whole week - exercise wise - at least I have done that.

    When I sign up for a class - I am there - hell or high water - I am there.

    Then, I am now doing exactly what you describe - whatever works that day.

    Right now - lots of Pilates videos (sp?) - just got a whole pile of new ones that I love (Gaiam's).

    It is getting nice enough to walk outside - I live near a golf course - the golf paths are great -and there are 3 clean potties along the way - very important!

    I take a water aerobics class 3x a week in the summer - and that is a much welcomed change - and in my neighborhood so it is very handy and another chance for a little socialization - without getting sucked into volunteering or getting together or committing to anything else.

    That is what I like about the people in classes - a quick little chat - class friends that you don't see any other time - just a friendly face and a feeling of being welcome.

    I am not a "burn baby burn" exercise person - I am a flexibility, strength, balance, tone, healthy kind of exercise person.

  2. I am completely sold on the "farting around" style of exercise. I don't like being forced into a schedule. I don't do the moderation thing so well either, which is why I eat slowly and try to watch portion sizes a bit (although I really don't keep an exact tally of my carbs, cals, etc.) Sounds like you have found something you can live with! :0) You definately sound much happier than you did the other day.