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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Have you looked at your back lately?

(the photo isn't me!)
Last night I spent about 20 minutes admiring my back.
I don't see it everyday the same way I look at the front of me, my chest, stomach and thighs. In fact, I don't think I have ever really looked at my back.

I held a small mirror in front of me and looked at my naked back in the mirror. It was unrecognisable. It didn't look like it belonged to me.

I have muscles in my back, I have a really defined V shape, no bra rolls, my bum doesn't sag and my bum cheeks have a gap between them! Yes, you read that right, the cheeks of my bum don't meet anymore -- how weird is that? I would almost say I look better from the back than from the front.

It is a shame that I discovered this on the eve on winter when no-one will see it for the next six months.

Go into the bathroom now, take off your shirt and bra and take a good look at your back. I bet it is not how you remember it looking. Mine isn't anything like I imagined it. Nice surprise.

Weigh in 61.4 kg -- 19.2% -- BF = 11.8 : LBM = 49.4 this morning so no lasting damage from the carb binge. I actually think I am one of those people who does better on slightly more carbs [around 50-75g) rather than the magic 20g of induction. I think it is because I am so brainy I need extra fuel for my outstanding mental functions :)


  1. we have two full walls of mirrors (opposite from each other) in my yoga class - but they are too far apart to SEE yourself closely - just general form. I have often wondered what we would think about video tape of class - seeing our form - seeing our body.

  2. I agree that you need more carbs because of your outstanding mental functions. Does your head feel any heavier? :)

    Congrats on having an awesome back! How many people can say that?

    I'm scared to look at my back.. I'm afraid it will look too much like my front. I currently have more rolls than a bread truck. I'll get back with ya on this when I'm at goal.

  3. "I currently have more rolls than a bread truck. "

    LOL I love the way you put things!