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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

CKD Day Five - Showing a Loss!

Carbs - 16g : Protein - 112g : Fat - 75g : Calories - 1205

Today's weight
61.0 kg - 18% BF
LBM - 50kg : BF - 11kg

Today is the first day I am under my pre-refeed weight. I have reached my goal for this week and it is only Wednesday. Had enough energy to do HITT cardio this morning as well. Feeling really great today.

If the scales keep going down for the next 3 mornings I will be very happy. I haven't really stuck to the exercise plan because I've been feeling yuk with TTOM but it still seems to have worked.

It is a bit weird to have to deal with such a wide range of weights on the scale - if you look at it in isolation, I have gained 1.2 kg in 48 hours and then lost 1.3kg in the next 48 hours. A net result of only -100g but the next three days should be "normal" low carb weight loss. The only thing that would ruin this is if my body decided to have an upward swing in the next couple of days. I do have one trick up my sleeve in that this is always the week I lose weight when my period finishes. So I am quietly optomistic! YAHOO!!!


  1. Your post made me remember thinking of THAT week - as in - catch the coat tails and have a free little ride on the scale - I always went down then too. . .