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Sunday, 1 April 2007

The First of the Month

Why is it that the first day of any new month fills us with resolve to start afresh? It is not as potent as 1 January, but 1 April seems a good time to "start again".

I have been battling with staying on plan and yesterday had another "carbohydrate altercation" -- the second in two weeks.

It started out with fish and chips, followed by scones with jam and cream, and then finished off with porridge with brown sugar and milk. Not a good healthy eating day by anyone's standards -- high fat, high carb, only thing that wasn't high was protein!! I think you can eat lots of fat if you don't mix it with carbs, as soon as you go for carbs you have to limit the fat. Eating heaps of both is the recipe for a FAT AR5E.

I paid dearly for this. I couldn't sleep because my stomach was extremely unhappy and today I have a hangover type headache and still feel quite seedy. Maybe this will teach me a lesson at long last, you can only hope.

So I am thankful today is a new day - and a new month! I resolve to spend the next four weeks getting serious about these last 4 or 5 kgs. I am fairly confident that I have mended my broken metabolism as I have been averaging about 1400-1500 calories a day for the past 5 months. If I limit myself to 1200 calories a day for a couple of weeks, I should see the famous first month on a diet weight loss of around 1 kg a week. So by the end of the month I could be in the 50's. Then I crank the calories back up slowly and hopefully maintain.

My eating plan is as follows
- carbs from diary, fruit and veges only
- no potatoes
- limit diary to cottage cheese, yoghurt and 1 slice chedder per day
- go easy on the whipped cream and nuts
- no frankenfood except for a protein bar as once a week treat
- drink water and limit diet coke
- choose fish, chicken and eggs rather than red meat and bacon
- take fish oil capsules and chromium tablets

My starting weight is 63kg on 1 April 2007 [this is a bit inflated from the carb induced water load from yesterday].

Today so far I have eaten 2 eggs, tbsp cottage cheese, spinach, capsicum, snow peas, half a carrot and mayonnaise diluted with vinegar. I have had 600ml water, one cup green tea and all my pills.

My exercise will be the Figure Program which I started on Friday. 2 days weights, 2 days cardio and three days off.

I can do this! I will not give in to cravings! Although I am approaching the two weeks of hormone horror and EASTER I will prevail!

Wish me luck ...


  1. Okay I figured out that
    63 kg = 138.9 lbs and
    55 kg = 121.3 lbs

    what US size are you please?
    and how tall please?

  2. I am 5'4"
    I think I am a US size 6 -- I am an Australian size 8
    My measurements are
    33" bust
    26" waist
    33" hips
    PS I don't want to get to 55kg -- just under 60kgs :)