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Friday, 25 May 2007

I love me FAT fat fatty fat FAT

I have been trying to do some weird version of PSMF [protein sparing modified fast] which suggests doing 4 protein shakes a day plus a normal low carb/low fat meal.

First of all, I have to finally admit that I can't stomach protein shakes - I've tried all sorts of brands and flavours and they all make me feel sick. I think it is the texture or something. So ... failure.
I then tried just eating 'real food' lean protein - eggs and meat diet basically.
The result - unbelievable fat and carb cravings which I gave in to. This hasn't happened since I've been carb re-feeding. I normally tell myself I only have to wait x number of days before I can eat whatever I want and I am fine. Not this week! So ... failure.

Friday is always a tough day because I run out of "puff" by Friday. I managed a decent workout this morning [possibly due to the unscheduled carbs this week] and actually consciously had two tablespoons of oatmeal in my egg pancakes in a post workout/feed my muscle experiment. I felt amazingly good today.

I also added back the butter on my breakfast and had an amazing home made Caesar salad for dinner with bacon, two soft boiled eggs and mayonnaise. The verdict -- I love fat!!

I am a fat burner -- at the end of this month I will have been low-carbing for 6 months. I haven't lost any weight but I HAVEN'T GAINED any either -- I have remained lean for 6 months without hunger, deprivation or going insane.

YAY for lowcarb - and YAY for FAT!!!


  1. Yep low carb without fat and calories truely sucks!!!

    Even just on normal calories and eating say lean chicken breast and a big salad (no dressing) makes me soooo hungry.

    In regards to protein shakes, you might be sensitive to MSG. The processing of the protein forms natural MSG which a lot of people are sensitive too.

  2. I love fat too. Right now I'm experiementing with lower fat/calories, but I know this isn't something I could do the rest of my life. My maintainence will be Atkins. It's a way of life that makes me happy and keeps me healthy.

  3. Just what sort of diet are you following? I am totally confused really.... does it have a "name"? Low carb/high protein=Atkins right? or is it something you have made up yourself?