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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lost my Way

The reduction in regularity of posts has been due to a couple of things.

1. Kittens take up a lot of your time. They want to play, eat and fight you when you have your laptop on your lap.

2. Even tough girls like me find themselves mildly depressed after losing a fur baby and being robbed in the space of a week. Didn't feel like I had a lot to say over the past couple of weeks.

3. My diet and exercise have not been working. What to do ....?

So tonight kitty is asleep on my lap and not fighting for attention, the depression has lifted and I am re-considering my eating plan. Voila - here are my thoughts.

I have been eating low carb for over six months now and haven't lost any weight. I think it is time to admit that it is not working.

I am reluctant to give up on it because I enjoy this way of eating so much. But the downside is, obviously no weight loss, and a lack of energy that makes working out very difficult. So I considered the times when I lost the most weight (aside from the 'honeymoon' of just starting out). First time was when I gave up wheat and the second when I started Weight Watchers. The first resulted from a reduction in carbs and the second from restricting calories.

So I have decided to loosely eat an isocaloric diet which is equal portions of protein, carbs and fat - kind of like the Zone diet but not quite as many carbs.

The plan for today was 100g carbs, 100g protein, 45g fat = 1205 calories. Having a bit of trouble getting there with today's totals:
945 calories
27g fat
114.6g protein
55.5g carbs

I think I have enough left for a slice of raisin toast with butter, but I don't think I should pollute the experiment with eating wheat straight away.

I feel strangely satisfied and not 'snacky' tonight but I might just be smug from having porridge for breakfast! It also helps to know that I can have it anytime I want along with a whole lot of other things.

Now the only thing I am worried about is the 2kg carb bloat!! Wish me luck!


  1. Katie you might not get the carb bloat, keep the wheat away if it gives you problems. When I changed my diet recently for Maya I didn't have the bloat and went on to lose a little but that could be food intolerance issues I also was not hungry at all for ages but after a while it does creep up. I'm a bit snacky now though I have stopped all my decaffs so it could be part of the reason.

    Oh and sorry hun 100g is still low carb especially if you're working out!!! :p

    Good luck.

  2. Oh and PS eat more :)

  3. Sorry things haven't been working out like you'd hoped for. As Sherrie said, 100g is still low-carb, although maybe not ketogenic. (The average person eats an excess of 300 carbs per day) I hope your new changes work well for you and you see the results you are looking for!

  4. It is so unusual to eat low carb and be exhausted and not lose weight that I am wondering if maybe you are sensitive to something you are eating regularly, so maybe you're fighting digestive allergens along the way. I know that I can do lowcarb but if I'm eating much grain/gluten products, I will still be exhausted and my weight doesn't budge -- and at MY weight, eating from 1000-2000 calories a day depending on the era, for my weight not to budge is a pretty big deal! Allergens really matter. That might not be your case, of course, but it's just a thought.

    I'm sure there are people who exist who just flat out don't do well on lowcarb. If I eat too little I don't lose even when everything else is right. My body gained weight because it's survival instinct and starvation response was in full swing; it takes very little to keep it operating at the same weight on a minimal intake.

    I can't see a spectrum of your diet to make suggestions but before you give up hope on something you actually find workable as an eating plan, why don't you go to someplace like and present your menu/counts and ask if people there have any ideas? Maybe there is something that a sanity-check would catch.

    Otherwise -- the bottom line is, do what works for you. Period. If LC doesn't work, then either it is something about the way you're doing it, or your response to foods on it, or your body just flat out doesn't like it. As the saying goes, "If what you're doing isn't working, do something else!" I'd have considered that prior to six months in, wow! Whatever you choose to do, I wish you good results with it.