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Thursday, 13 September 2007

My first race

Aside from the City to Surf last year which I did as a power walk and took forever, I have never entered a real race.

Today I registered for the Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run which is on next weekend. It is a 9km race across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and ending at the 0pera H0use.

I don't know if I'm ready for a 9km race yet, only having been running for two weeks, but my goal is to run it all and not walk and try and do it under an hour. I am also hoping I can place somewhere respectable in my age group (which is 40-49). I know there are some fit over 40s ladies out there, but I am hoping I might be one of them!

I know there is some scientific way to prepare for a race - tapering or something - so I must do some research and find out what I should be doing next week. At the moment I am running at least 5kms nearly every day (except yesterday which was Day 1 TTOM) so I am not sure if I should be doing more or less or the same. Anyway, I'll figure it out!


  1. Next weekend! Wow talk about go for it, good luck with that! I hate running, so can not do it. I admire those who can... but don't aspire to do it myself ever!

  2. I'll see you there - you can wave at me as I head off for the marathon (EEK!!!!). As for tapering, just don't do any "big" runs the couple of days before, drinks heaps of water Friday & Saturday, and Saturday night (and you'll hate this) CARBS! :)

    You'll romp it in Katie, seriously, you will kick it's butt.