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Saturday, 24 November 2007

How to eat like a goddess and still lose fat

Because you all (well just one person) asked what I eat, here is a boring rundown.

I cycle my calories like this
Sun | Mon | Tues 1200 calories
Wed 1500 calories
Thu | Fri 1200 calories
Sat 1700 calories (supposedly but I don't really track very well on free day)

The plan is to eat 5 small meals a day at 8am | 11am | 2pm | 5pm | 8pm.

The only problem with this on the surface is that dinner has to be rather smaller than normal. I must say that after eating all day you are not that hungry anyway.

I try to stay reasonably low fat and have equal amounts of protein and carbs. For my last meal, I "spend" most of my calories on protein and don't have any starchy carbs, just veges or salad.

Here is my list to choose from based on a 1200 day. Each meal is around 240 calories. On the 1500 calorie day I just have a couple of things that are higher calories (like a whole egg instead of egg white) or pasta/rice for dinner.

1/4 cup rolled oats, 3 egg whites, 3 tbsp cottage cheese (pancake) (213)
2 wholemeal bread, 1 slice low fat cheese (toasted cheese sandwich) (220)
185g tin tuna in sprinwater on 5 kavli bread (224)
30g protein powder and 250ml skim milk (205)
150g chicken breast (236)
200g grilled barramundi/fish (200)
1 banana, 1 tbsp low fat peanut butter (205)
1 low fat yoghurt, 45g All-Bran (232)
Protein FX caramel fudge bar (246)
Well Naturally chocolate bar (208)
Wallaby low carb yogurt bar (191)
1/2 cup brown rice, 100g ham (227)
2 wholemeal bread, 3 egg whites, 2 tbsp cottage cheese (french toast) (247)
24 almonds and small apple (222)
150g potato, 1 tbsp cottage cheese, 100g ham (242)
1 cup seafood salad, 50g chicken (239)
All-Bran Cinnamon Sultana baked bar and 1 tbsp low fat peanut butter (261)

It's kind of like a game. Some things are higher in carbs and lower in protein so I try to eat them for meals 1, 2 and 3 and balance those meals out with higher protein ones later in the day.

In case you are worried about the veges, I don't count them (so I don't list them). I have spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, carrot, beetroot etc. all day long. I dress my salads with balsamic vinegar. I only count potatoes and sweet potatoes.

If you have any other suggestions for 240 calorie meals please let me know.


  1. Thank you for that Katie.... I will copy it all down and IMPLEMENT it .... starting tomorrow! Got chicken in the oven for this evening.

  2. UMMMM... who is stalking who here?????? So funny!

  3. Thanks katie! I know you think it's boring to list but it's actually very helpful and inspiring.

  4. Thanks for that, I was gonna be rude and ask that this morning:)
    I think if I can get this whole Carb/Protien/Calorie thing worked out I will see a difference also???

    Well done:)


  5. we are diet sisters. i eat very similar things, though i am fanatical about those little tins of flavoured tuna with salad and rice for a meal.

    i call it snappy tom salad...geddit? tuna - snappy tom - cat - haaaaaaaaaar. so funny.