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Saturday, 24 November 2007

BFL Challenge 1 Week 8

Weight this morning 62.4kg
Total weight loss in 8 weeks = 2.6 kg

A good week this week. The secret - 5 small meals a day.
And as usual - it's all in the back and the legs this week.

Check out that bruise on my right thigh!

I just ran on the treadmill, logged my kms on the web and got this:


  1. Well done Katie!!!!! You are looking like hot shit...moreso. You can really see the difference in 8 weeks.


  2. You are looking AMAZING!!!! I will give the 5 small meals a go... and I fully intend to up the workouts, particularly on the treadmill, where I am going to try running!!!!! and walking intervals.... wish me luck! Oh and the Coromandel is gorgeous, I will see if I can find anywhere up there that does Yoga Retreats. We have a beach house in Whitianga, which is on the Coromandel Penninsula... so know the area well.

  3. Nice one Katie! Your loss is fab, I lose scale weight slowly, it gets disheartening when you want to see 2 or 3 kilos a week go (cause it is a good reflection of the work put in right??).

    You look awesome, huge difference!


  4. Anonymous5:43 pm

    well done on the 50k's woman!!!