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Thursday, 22 November 2007

It's not about the scale

I am guilty of it myself - basing my success on what the scales say. The one thing that has kept me going on the BFL has been the results of a stunning lady named Suzanne.

I hope she doesn't hate me for posting her pictures here but she has achieved an amazing transformation without losing ANY weight. Let me just say that again - she weighed the same in the left hand photo as she did in the right hand photo. It is hard to believe but the scales never fluctuated more than a couple of pounds throughout her whole twelve week challenge.

You can see her on the Body for LIFE Tracker and on the official BFL website.

So when you despair that you aren't losing weight, look at these photos and decide if it really matters after all ...

Thanks Suzanne - you are my inspiration.


  1. Finally!!!


    Scale weight does not matter!!

    I've lost 1.5 kilos over the last 5 weeks. Not startling really is it but I am thinner, have a lot more muscle on show and I feel great!

    Your doing great - keep going!!


  2. You're dead right - and I really learnt this today - watch out for my next blog post (or two -its been a long time since posting so will take a while) where I have some exciting news to share on this front!

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  4. OMG!! This post is worth its weight in gold. (No pun intended)
    Im starting BFL next week, and Katie you are my inspration!!
    Cheryl :)

  5. Katie, great stuff. This is so important. When will people get the fact the body composition counts for far more than weight. I just blogged on the dangers of following weight and BMI, body fat percentage comes first!
    That girl looks great in the second pic, what a difference, it's all that extra lean tissue. Thanks for getting the message out.Mark from

  6. Shit a brick, that is amazing! Awesome achievment!

  7. How the hell can you eat pancakes, peanut butter and whatever else you have during the day and only consume 1200 calories a day! EXPLAIN!!!!!! *bottom lip is jutting out* !!!

  8. Anonymous10:59 am

    shit she is amazing! and so are you chicken.


  9. That is freakin' incredible!! You are so right, weight is just a number and one that can have a number of guises. I am not aiming for someone to be able to lift me off the ground with ease, I want to be smaller.

    Hopefully Suzanne won't mind, but I have saved her photos for when I need a shot in the arm.

    You are both champs!

  10. Katie I've started another blog to obsess about my weight and be insane!

    My therapist said 'not a good idea', but fuck him I don't care. Silly little man.