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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Smart Heart Rate

I haven't worn my heart rate monitor [HRM] for a good 6 months because it has been broken. That is not entirely true because it just had a flat battery in the chest strap but that is my version of broken.

I have been running without my HRM so I have had no idea how hard I was working.

I don't believe in the fat burning zone, but I do think that exercising beyond your anaerobic threshold (over 85% of maximum heart rate) for long(ish) periods of time will do more harm than good. It will burn you out and prevent you building decent muscles.

Yesterday and today I ran with my HRM and collected the following data:

Tues: Max 198 | 112% (which is obviously a error!!)
Average 160 | 90%

Wed: Max 170 | 96%
Average 156 | 88%

No wonder I get exhausted, hungry and sore when I run. I tried to slow right down this morning but I am still working too hard (the maximum is due the hill last thing before I get to my front door).

On the subject of building muscle - here's a question ...
You know those girls who say they don't want to lift weights in case they turn into a muscle bound ... um ... muscle type person. Well, have you ever met someone who (a) accidentally got huge muscles from working out and (b) decided that they didn't like how they looked?

You see, all I want is huge muscles and no matter how hard I work, how much weight I lift, they don't really appear to get any bigger. I know it is tied in with the fact that I don't work out for hours a day and how much body fat I am carrying which hides the suckers, but honestly, could I meet the woman who unintentionally built a strong lean body without even trying. Please ... I just need some hints people!


  1. I don't have to do much to get muscular legs (ie. not much weights but still lots of weights and running). I don't really mind though :D Still have to work on the rest of the body, but I've never had much fat on my legs either. One of the girls I work with reckons she only has to do minimal exercise to get huge glutes.

    I'm sure you'll get there mucle-wise if you keep at it :)

  2. It depends on the body type for muscle growth - I'm a mesomorph, so I put it on reasonably easily (hence why the Vision trainers have banned me from power lifting). But one of the trainers really wants some more muscle, and she's an ectomorph, so it's practically impossible. Sorry Katie, but sounds like you're an ecto! :( Still, I think you look fabulous without bigger muscles!!

  3. Hey Katie
    I can't be an ecto because they are naturally thin and can eat whatever they like without gaining weight which is definitely not me.
    Wish it was true ...