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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What if you had this body for ever?

Some people believe that when we die our spirit or soul goes somewhere or comes back again in a different body.

I am entertaining the possibility that it is not just our soul, but our mind, body and soul continues past this lifetime.

This is an interesting thought.

It means I am not merely shallow and self absorbed to concentrate on having the best body possible.

It is acceptable to work on our minds - school, learning, university, and reading are all regarded as noble pursuits.

It is acceptable to work on our spirits - church, temple, meditating, and following our hearts are all worthwhile past-times.

But exercising and watching what we eat is sometimes seen as pointless. After all, our bodies will breakdown and decay and eventually fail us at the time of death.

So would you think about things differently if you knew that in the next world, or the next life you lived you would take this body with you?

I am thinking that if you are re-born to learn the lessons you missed the last time around, maybe some of us continue to be re-born in order to learn how to care for our bodies.

I believe that the ultimate goal in life is to learn how to love. And we all know we can't love anyone else unless we love ourselves. The way we treat ourselves is the ultimate expression of how much we really love ourselves.

If we spend our life filling our bodies with poison and letting our muscles waste away by lying on the couch, it sounds to me like we need to work a bit more on loving ourselves.

We don't need need to get it perfectly right this time around, but we can leave this life with a mind, body and spirit that is better than the one we had our last life.

I even suspect those skinny bitches that we all hate might be the ones who have been through this struggle in a previous life.

So here's a thought - keep demonstrating (even if you don't yet feel it) unconditional love for the body you're in by doing what you know is right, and when you eventually die, you might come back as a skinny bitch! Even if you don't believe in re-incarnation, I am sure you would rather zip around heaven fit and strong rather than trudging around in a heavy, tired body.

A controversial philosophy but it just might work!


  1. Great Post Katie, as usual!!
    Something to think about though..oh to think I might come back as a skinny biatch!!!lol

    I definatly believe in re-incarnation, but to think your body might follow, we all should take better care of ourselves. I need to get to that place of liking myself,if I can? Hoping one day. something to work on thats for sure:) I think people just take 'life' in general for granted and it's not till you're a little older that you realize this. I couldn't care less about my health before. Only since I turned 33 I thought I should do something!! Well actually after having Cammy, I realized how huge I was and not being 20, the weight wasn't going to just drop off and I was sick of battling fat...rambling sorry...:)

    Have a great day


  2. hmm interesting thoughts.. i will come back as a goat if i have anything to do with it though.. which i dont.. so who knows! :)

  3. Hay Katie just wanted to say I loved your post :)

  4. Yes!
    We take our bodies for granted; most people treat their cars better than they do themselves.
    GREAT post.