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Monday, 19 November 2007

A new TOY

I don't want to sound like a D@n0z D1rect advertisement but I just bought my first piece of exercise equipment OFF THE TELLY and it is FANTASTIC.

The revolutionary Pil@tes P0wer Gym is the answer for couples and families who have space enough and a budget for only one piece of quality home fitness equipments. Finally there's a machine that accommodates the fitness needs of everyone! The PPG is really like having a whole gym full of equipment in one compact machine. Arms, chest, shoulders, abs, back and legs - this amazing machine will have you transformed from head to toe with fast and easy adjustments between exercises.

With a mind boggling 95 resistance levels, you control resistance, you control how much muscle you build, and control how much fat you burn! And you will get the body you want. With over 60 exercises offered, an incredible 95 resistance levels and the ability to incline or lay flat, the PPG is more effective at burning fat than traditional Pil@tes Machines!

I just tried out the Pil@tes DVD because I though it would be easy - silly mistake - it was extraordinarily hard because I am not used to using all the arm/leg muscles - I did 45 minutes of that and 15 minutes of the bodybuilding DVD and now I am shattered.

I can do most of the cable exercises you can only do at the gym and I can change the resistance really quickly which is great for BFL pyramid style routines. The best is that I can do cable rows for my back because there is not much that hits your back muscles very well with just dumbells. I can also do those woodchop cable pulls that work your obliques.

It appears to be well made, came almost fully assembled and it is quite small and compact.

The cost you ask? $399 plus delivery ($49).

I am very excited because I've gotten bored with dumbell exercises and I can't get a heavily loaded dumbell on my back because I don't have a squat rack. Now I can do single leg presses with lots of resistance. I also can work to failure because no dumbell/barbell is going to fall on my head if I fail at a lift.

I have re-committed to eating well this week and yesterday and today have been right on plan. I have formulated a variety of meal choices all around 240 calories and am trying to have one meal every 2 hours - at 0800 | 1100 | 1400 | 1700 | 2000. I missed breakfast yesterday and I haven't had dinner tonight yet because I am not hungry (and I was playing with my toy).

I shall go and eat something now.

Some women on BFL talk about the 8 week miracle. I am on my 8th week now so I am hoping that I see some changes this week.

Hope all your Mondays have been good too.


  1. Oooh that looks impressive!!!

    Your new plan sounds great, good luck with the week 8 miracle!!

    Doin' well


  2. Such a cool Toy!! Looks great!
    Thanks so much for the tready advice.
    Good Luck with everything.
    Cheryl :)

  3. Let me know how it really goes! WE could use something like that here at home.

  4. That looks awesome matey! i want tone!! i hope you have a great day. enjoy your new toy :)


  5. Anonymous3:50 pm

    i look forward to seeing the next pics!! :)

  6. How's the Pilates Power Gym coming along. I got one too a few months back.