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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Thanks for the free advice

I have been given free advice on another blog:

** direct quote from another blog removed as I was breaching copyright by not linking back to the original source. Apologies to the author for this lapse of good manners but at the time I didn't feel like giving him free publicity by posting his link**

While I appreciate any help I can get, but I do not appreciate this man's opinion that I am starving, I have a horrible life, and I probably binge a lot.

The reason my calorie average was so low is because I hadn't entered my fee day yet.

For the record, I am extremely happy with the way my muscles are coming along and I absolutely LOVE my PPG. I want more defined shoulder and back muscles, triceps and biceps. I don't want to look like the girl in the picture (although she looks fantastic - just not for me).

Just in case you need some more advice from this expert, let me share a quote from a few days ago...

** quote removed again for the same reason**

Sorry if none of this makes sense anymore. I would delete the whole post but I wanted to keep the comments.


  1. Did you ask for this advice??

    For a start, he sounds like he is pretty sure he knows everything which I doubt.

    Two, that woman looks hideous. I wouldn't be happy if my husband looked like that. Yeeeeuch.

    Three, I agree with his attitude about his partner getting 'unattractive'. I know I'll get stones thrown at me for it, but I do!! If David started looking like a condom full of walnuts (like your gal there in the picture) I'd be going right off him and I'd be telling him so. Eventually, there would be consequences. If you are in a partnership, you have to consider the other person. Like he said, we can ignore them and voice our 'right' to be whatever we want. But I think that is a great way to get single really fast.

    Anyway, aside from all that, Katie you are looking great. You look hot and just keep on going babes! You will get there I believe in your determination.

  2. Kitty - thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I will have to respectfully disagree with you though. If a relationship is only kept together because physical attraction then something is amiss. I am attracted to my husband because he is charming, loving, funny and supportive. I don't really care what he looks like. And I hope he feels the same otherwise he would leave me every morning he woke up to my smudged eyeliner and bed hair!

    Funnily enough, he thinks I am less physically attractive now I am thin than when I was fat. Should I gain back all the weight in order to prevent him falling in love with a fat girl?

    The part that irks me the most is that the person I quoted "wouldn't allow" his girlfriend to become overweight. I can do without men "allowing" me to do anything. I am a grown-up and make my own decisions thanks.

    I appreciate your view Miss K and we will have to agree to disagree.


  3. Arrggghh, I reckon if some dude told me I wasn't "allowed" to put on weight, I'd end up doing it to spite him!

    I don't think your daily calories are that low - I have to stick to around 1200 calories to lose weight (which could explain why I'm not losing atm).

  4. I'm down with that Katie, I didn't much like his condescending either.

    I do think that physical attraction is an important factor in relationship longevity though, David told me if I get really fat or really skinny he would be very unhappy. Fat being far more offensive than skinny (how usual).

    I don't know if I think it's RIGHT, it's just...the way it is with men? I don't know what the answer is though, I definitely adhere to his ideal of what a women should look like though, no doubt. Not because I'm kept under his thumb (please!) but because I love his dumb ass and love pleasing him.

    Though I totally, totally appreciate your point of view too babes. How civilised to be able to have differing opinions and not have it descend into abuse and bitch fights.

    That is why I like your ass (and you are hot).


  5. Each to his long as it does not hurt anyone else, either physically or mentally. I am truly lucky to have my Stew, who has loved me through many many body 'changes'.... in a bikini with 4 kids when I met him, then through two more pregnancies where I got huge (OK his babies were both 10 pound plus's!)... then through my obese period (lasted a good 10 years) and right up to now... a little overweight but blissfully happy. I agree ... if a man does not love his partner because she is overweight then there was not a 'true and lasting love' there in the first place. Same goes for if my Stew was to gain weight... I would love him no matter what! He is my everything.

  6. Building muscle is hard and takes a long time. The woman in that photo will have spent years and years training, lifting very heavy weights, probably in the 4-6 rep range, and eating a hell of a lot of food. She may also be genetically 'gifted', and/or she may have had some chemical assistance.

    You can't get hugely muscular by accident. You also can't build significant (even non-huge) muscle without enough fuel. So the advice is probably right...if not very tactfully worded.

    In spite of what many people (including a lot of Body for Lifers) claim, a female cannot add 15 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. Or if they have, I'd be looking pretty closely at what supplements they've been taking...

    My best advice is to keep working hard and see how things turn out. I think you're making great progress so far - try to be patient, these next few weeks should show some really noticeable changes.