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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Tagged Smagged #2

I've been tagged by Nic this time.

4 dishes I like to cook
Well I don't cook but I do use my stove and microwave for:
1. heating my wheat pack
2. melting my leg wax
3. boiling my jewellery in bicarb of soda
4. cr@ck

4 qualities I love in people
Well I don't really like very many people because I am painfully shy and a true introvert so
1. silence
2. brevity
3. exhibitionism (everyone is looking at them and not at me)
4. mystery

4 places I have been
1. endorphin land
2. binge world
3. orgasm island
4. hormone hell

4 things in my bedroom
1. fantasies
2. teeth grinding
3. nakedness
4. drooling

4 dirty words that I use
1. salacious
2. smutty
3. scatological
4. sordid

Not tagging anyone else because I don't care much about your culinary expertise, how you choose your friends, the places you've driven through on a Contiki tour when you were 17, the junk in your bedroom and your vocabulary.

I want to know what really goes on in your head, what keeps you awake a night, and the things that give you goosebumps or tears of joy.

These things will tell me more about you than how good your fucking spaghetti bolognaise is people!


  1. You boil your jewellery in baking soda!!! I've never heard of that before! I'm with you on the tagging, I don't do them anymore myself... nor answer silly banal questions....
    - fuck all goes on in my head
    - Stew's snoring keeps me awake
    - an earthquake gives me goosebumps (I love them)
    - shopping gives me tears of joy!

    It was a lovely day in Wanganui yesterday too, said "Hi" to your Mum and Dad figuratively speaking. They do not have the sweet hanging baskets of flowers in the main street anymore, they were so pretty. Shame that.

  2. HA! You make me laugh, this is NEW ZEALAND we are talking about eh?
    Most places are reasonably warm in february....the further North you go the warmer it gets .
    I looked on the net at retreats here, there are not many!
    Some I found that sounded quite good were:

    Depends just what you are after! I thought the Stillpint one looked really good.
    You are not going to get away from 'timber huts in the paddocks' probably, seems 'retreat' and 'yoga' conjure up 'the great outdoors' to us Kiwi's ! We are a rustic lot it seems. HUMPH! Give me luxury surroundings any day.
    Have a gander on the net too, you might yet find something riveting!
    If you get over this way in February and I'm still here in bloody Palmertston North, please give me a yell! I would love to say "Hi" to you.

    Better go, getting late.
    Chris H

  3. Anonymous8:18 am

    Baaahahahahaha, that post cracked me up! LOL, I love reading your blog!

  4. hahaha loved your answers!! well said!


  5. p.s sorry to tag you matey!

  6. chris - I'm thinking the Coromandel as it I love the beach and it should be warmer than Wellington

    nic - no apology necessary, I actually enjoyed being a smartarse - it took me awhile to think up the answers

    osk - so glad you're blogging - I've love yours too xxx

  7. hehe, love it, now I know I can ignore the tagging next time too...