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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Welcome to My World

"Ooh I only lost 0.6kg this week. I am always going to be fat. This is taking too long. Boo hoo hoo ... I'm going on the EAT ONLY CARDBOARD diet - just to give me a quick start of course. Once I am skinny then I'll eat properly."

I read this on weight loss blogs over and over again. And frankly it pisses me off.

Welcome to my world, people, where you GAIN 3 fucking kilos in half a week without knowing why*.

Yes folks, I struggle to lose 250g a week and then in one foul swoop I have regained everything I have lost in the past twelve weeks.

I am constipated and bloated - my rings are tight on my fingers and my belly looks pregnant. I didn't eat takeaway on my free day this week so it can't be salt - I had all homemade food.

So what am I going to change now this great tragedy has befallen me ---- ummm ---- nothing. The scales are a load of crap -- they measure how much water and sh!t (literally) inside me. They aren't the final word on how fat I am. I didn't gain 3 kilos of squishy white oily fat this week. I just got bloated and backed up.

If I can ride out this unfathomable gain and continue on regardless, so can you. Although I don't enjoy seeing huge stinking numbers on the scale, I can take a small amount of solace in the fact that my bodyfat % has dropped down to 18.9%.

Pick a healthy plan and stick to it. Something you can do for the rest of your life. After only 3 weeks, just 21 days, you will have a new eating/exercise habit that will replace whatever you did or didn't do before. It's a relationship not a fucking one night stand. Commit - no matter what - for better or worse.

*There was an accidental encounter with some Turkish Pide on Tuesday night but hardly 10,000 calories worth!


  1. Too right! Weight loss is never a holiday, it's a career baby!

    Turkish Pide...yum!

  2. Well said Katie, commit or DON'T it is really that simple..

    I often have that problem too, need to eat more fibre!! ewwwww.


  3. Anonymous1:31 pm


  4. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Congrats on ur decrease in body fat.

    Love the post

  5. Know how it feels... I can gain 3 kilos in week too... it's only water mate!

  6. Yeah..never a true word spoken.
    Me BFL week 4..have lost jackshit on the scales, but im smaller, I have serious muscles on my arms and my arse is a size 10..and im eating more food that I ever eaten in my life.. All clean food, hardly any crap..
    Love your work Miss Katie.
    Cheryl :)

  7. Dead right Katie - forget the scales. I think they are pretty useless IF you are weight training/doing cardio, and eating well most of the time. Use your clothes as a guide instead. I was talking to someone recently who in my mind has always been quite thin - and she said - she just goes by her clothes. She said she can tell within a couple of days if she eats too much because her jeans feel tight - so she is just more careful for a few days and she's ok again. I'm going to operate like that too - to hell with the scales - and here's to a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle!

  8. I love you right now!!!!! I totally agree. Although I am guilty of it at times as well, you are right - keep going and it will work - even if the scales din't say so. You go girl! xxx

  9. I weigh myself every day. If the scale stays the same and I have eaten crap the day before I think "You have them fooled". Truth is, I may weigh basically the same (give or take a couple of kilos) as a year ago but I look so much bigger and my clothes are tight. I use the scales not moving as an excuse to keep being lazy. Weight IS just a number. I need to stop pretending....I am not fooling anybody.....except perhaps myself!
    I love your dedication by the should be proud of your determination.

    Miss Pinky.

  10. I'm totally guilty of that at times and then I slap myself around a little and shut the fuck up. Truth be known I know that I go up and down by 2-3kilos in a week and then when I think I'm doomed to not get it under control I slip down a few numbers and stay there.

    it's all relative.

    it's a work in progress.

    and I'm more reliant on how strong I feel and what the tape measure says then that shonky white contraption in my bathroom.

  11. OMG I will whinge and complain and all the rest of it but I think you are amazing. I know you're right. But unfortunately it wont stop me feeling like shit when it all happens to me.