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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Weigh In 02 February 2008

Weight went down from last week but BF% increased a huge amount. Does that mean I'm losing muscle and gaining fat - the opposite of what I want to do? I don't know - I am confused. I am smaller by measurements so I'll hang on to that.

In case you think I've blown up like a marshmellow woman because there haven't been any photos lately I took some muscle shots this morning. The first ones were taken at week 9 of BFL and the second ones today.

I think you can see some extra muscle ...


  1. I dont understand how those scales can be totally accurate in measuring body fat therefore dont altogether trust them.
    I'd be going by the photos and there is a definite change in your body!

  2. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. I love your blog, it's very artistic and visually apealling Katie. I'd love to know how you did you blogger header, any chance of sharing your secrets?

    Lia :o)

  3. Hi Lia
    I made my heading in Photoshop Elements. I started with the picture and then increased the canvas size with a black background. Then I just added the text and saved it all as a jpeg. I resized it to fit the top of my blog - 760 x 153 pixels @ 72 pixel/inch.

    Then in blogger I added the image to the heading box and chose the placement of the image "instead of title and description".

    My blog template is just the standard "washed denim" but I played with the fonts and colours.

    I you want some help with making a heading for you blog you could email through your pictures and text ideas and I could have a go (as I am on holidays from work and I am bored already!!)


  4. Thanks K for all your help, you're simply the best! :o)

  5. Katie you're just dehydrated, BF percentage always goes up when dehydrated because the scales actually use your hydration levels when measuring.