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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Pride Cometh Before a Fall

Just popping in at the end of another long hard day to confess my sins.

I am sure that you all knew this would happen eventually - it was all too easy. I have been on BFL, New Rules of Lifting and now contest preparation since 1 Oct 2007. I have stayed on plan through Christmas, New Year and Easter.

But today I f*cked up. There is no food in the house, nothing to cook with and nothing to eat off - everything is either packed or already at the other house. I am exhausted and I was very very hungry.

There was this little caramello koala sitting in the pantry as I was packing all the food. It called so loudly that I had to silence it immediately but stuffing it in my gob. Then there was dinner. As Mr Katie was having Turkish Pide, so I ordered a kebab on a plate. There was tons of chicken, white rice and hot turkish bread. I intended to just have some of it, but I ate it all. Then I had some garlic bread to finish off.

Part of me feels full and satisfied and the other part of me feels disgusted at my lack of self control. I know Coach will read this and be very disappointed with me. I know the wheat in itself will cause a mammoth bloat - not to mention the calories which I can't even begin to estimate.

In the scheme of things it wasn't as bad as it could have been, no nearly as bad as my BFL 'free' days used to be but my weight loss is so hard fought that it is so stupid to go backwards.

I feel like taking a complete pass on all of this week. I am so unsettled without my normal routine and not having any food at hand. Tomorrow is supposed to be rest day but as the removalists are coming on Saturday, I won't be able to get to the gym so I will need to work out tomorrow. So I suppose I should get to bed instead of beating myself up.


  1. No katie! Just pick yourself up and keep going- the best you can during this unsettled time. It will/might show a slight gain on the scales for a while, but it will go away eventually and you can just keep at it xx

  2. Here's what I've started doing when I falter (which is rather frequent!). Make yourself enter/estimate it into Calorie King. It takes 7000 extra calories above maintenance calories to gain a kg. What percentage of that have you realistically eaten? I'd guess not much, so it doesn't really equate to much of a gain at all. You might see a bloat - but that's only temporary - its not real, in terms of weight loss. Remember too that in calorie cycling theory it can actually be beneficial to your body to go off the rails occasionally so your body doesn't get too used to your nutritional routine.
    So all is not lost, its not even that bad. Pick yourself up and get back to it. You've got people like me to inspire!