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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

T minus 61

Weight : 58.8 kg
Yesterday's food :
You have used 1238 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 162 calories remaining. 24% of the calories are from fat, 38% from protein, 39% from carbs
Exercise : Boxing
1 hr : 610 calories : 167 max hr : 138 av hr

This morning's weight spike is from the DOMs from leg day on Sunday which Coach said I should expect.

I hated boxing this morning - I want to punch a bag rather than another person because a) I have to talk to them and b) they are too girly for my punches. As you can see interacting with other people early in the morning makes me grumpy. Spin class is much more solitary.

I have been meaning to update you on my quest for the perfect protein bar. I have been looking for the holy grail of equal protein to carb ratio, low fat and low calorie but still fills you up. I found it in Coles of all places.

It is called a "Gym" protein bar by Winners and it has 184 calories, 4.7g fat, 20.1g protein, 19.8g carbohydrate and 248mg of sodium. I like the Choc-Nut Caramel. It is wheat/gluten free. You can buy them in singles for $2.99 each or in a pack of 4 for $9.99. And I love the taste/texture - it even has a layer of chocolate on the outside.

Ingredients: Soy Nuggets (isolated soy protein, tapioca starch, salt), Carob Compound (milk solids, vegetable oil, carob powder 11%, emulsifier (soy lecithin, 492), flavour), Soy Protein Concentrate, Maltitol, Rice Extract, Glycerine, Isolated Soy Protein, Cocoa, Inulin, Flavours.

Quest completed.



  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    good on you re: the house. when do u move in huh?


  2. Congrats on the house! I lived in North Sydney about 15 years ago and if it is anything like it was - you'll love it!

    I love those bars. I munched my way through one just yesterday! Scrummy!

  3. Darn it... what have I missed??? A house? And more weight loss... you rock girl!

  4. I am very glad that you found a great house. When are you moving? Tons to purge - or are you already streamlined???

  5. I buy those bars for my husband. He's crazy about caramel anything.

    Nutritionally, they're pretty good. Not my fave though - to me, they taste too soy-y (is that a word?)

    Nice one on the house! :o)

  6. I absolutely love your site, it is very informative and inspirational to all of us who are striving for a healthier body and way of life. Congratulations on the house, it sounds like you have some work ahead of you, but it will all pay off.