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Sunday, 23 March 2008

T minus 63 - 9 week weigh in

Weight : 58.5 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1348 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 52 calories remaining. 23% of the calories are from fat, 43% from protein, 33% from carbs
Exercise : Stair sprints and leg matrix
36 min : 398 calories : 171 max hr : 145 av hr

A huge whoosh this week losing 1.6kg which puts me bang on track to reach 54kg by competition day. No idea how that happened but grateful none the less.

Didn't make it through a clean paleo day yesterday as I was starving the whole day. Probably had something to do with packing, cleaning and carrying furniture and boxes up and down the stairs from 8am to 8pm. I had a protein bar before going to the gym which wasn't exactly on plan.

At the gym, I had just completed my upper body workout (which reduces me to tears by the time I get to bicep curls and tricep dips) and hopped on the treadmill. About 5 minutes in I realised that I needed to pee. What is a girl to do when there is no "pause" on the machine?

I waited until my minute 7 sprint was done, hopped off the machine with it still running, literally ran through the gym to the loo and back and hopped back on for minute 9 sprint. I am sure everyone else in the gym thought I was crazy.

When I got home from the gym I undressed to get into the shower and noticed something unusual in the mirror on the right side of my body. At first I thought I had grown a new muscle or a previously fat covered rib was sticking out, but unfortunately it was a ominous lump. It is not on my breast or really in my armpit, it is just outside my breast tissue right where the end of the underwire sits on my bra. It is hard, like a pea, moves around and is painless.

Of course I when I consulted Dr G00gle I was convinced I had cancer of the lymph nodes especially as I have a few odd lumps in my groin (which have been looked at by a real doctor and are perfectly normal). Of course one of the symptoms was unexpected weight loss LOL. I was immediately ruminating on whether you could compete in a figure competition with a shaved head from chemo ...

Because of Easter I won't be able to see a doctor until Tuesday. Until then I will worry and buy a bandanna that matches my posing suit just in case the GI Jane look is a bit too severe!


  1. Anonymous9:40 am

    (((hugs))) to you, its scary finding lumps. I found one a couple of weeks ago and immediately went into panic mode. It is more than likely a blocked lymph node, but you are right to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Dr Google has a lot to answer to, so try to ignore him.

  2. Happy Easter Katie

    I'm sure your lump is nothing to worry about. I've got little hard balls popping up everywhere now too that my fat is disappearing. I went to the doctors a few years ago for a pea sized lump in my neck convinced it was cancer but the doctor told me it was a fat globule. Great, now I have a fat neck (lol).

    Your loss this week has been fantastic and very long awaited and welcomed I know. Congrats.


  3. Hi Katie
    Take it from one who has training in lymphatics - it is more than likely a lymph node - now more prominent due to your weight loss. These nodes also swell up at times as they fight infections and become more visible. Check it out with your GP, sure, but skip the bandana - you're fine.
    And by the way - the weight loss all evens out in the end, doesn't it?

  4. good thing you are going right in to have it checked - so you know and don't have to worry.

  5. Katie,

    Loved your loo story and well done on the visit from the whoosh fairy.

    Good luck at the docs and like everyone else has said, I'm sure its not the "c" word.



  6. Anonymous12:42 pm

    you could totally get a hot wig!