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Thursday, 20 March 2008

T minus 66

Weight : 59.5 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1397 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 3 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 44% from protein, 41% from carbs
Exercise : R*E*S*T

Period arrived last night so all is well. Very strange though how I didn't get any PMT at all and I dropped weight just before it arrived. Feeling rather sore and sorry so I am having today off the gym and will return to scheduled workouts tomorrow.

I can safely say the 59's are sticking (even with TTOM) and the end of constipation as well. All is good this week. Normally I would expect a large loss at the end of TTOM but as things have been so weird this month, I am not convinced that is going to happen. But what if it did? I would be in the 58's early next week.

I am way behind with reading blogs. I have 152 unread items in G00gle Reader. I will catch up tomorrow.

A few questions for today

1. Does anyone know where to get frozen egg whites in Sydney? I buy 30 eggs at a time and waste the yolks. Plus I am not so great and separating them first thing in the morning.

2. What should I do about buying smaller clothes? None of my jeans/pants fit anymore (which is what I wear to work). Do I buy a smaller pair(s) that will taunt me for the rest of my life when I don't fit in to them after May or do I just wear baggy clothes for a couple of months?

3. Does there come a point when you can't wear your rings anymore?

4. Why do people make fun of tuna?


  1. Thanks to CHARLOTTE, I recently found the frozen eggwhites at Woolies (and I live in a small rural town-so was shocked!)-They are hard to spot-but they were in with the pastry type foods. You've got to have them in Sydney if we got em in Innisfail.
    I didn't realise people made fun of tuna....but then again I don't get out much-LOL However, I would say don't rely on tuna for long periods of time due to the mercury content...Eat it for a week-then take a week or two off.
    I say buy new clothes...hopefully it will give you motivation to not get heavier than you are right now after the comp....I imagine where you are at right now would still be manageable (as opposed to where you will be at the week of the comp).

  2. definitely buy new clothes -you deserve it and they won't taunt you - they'll remind you of how focused you are with training for comps!

    As for egg whites - I've been on a huge search and rescue mission in Australia to find a product like EggBeaters (which is common in the states -- and discovered that OZ has strict rules on seperated egg white products.. I need to search for the frozen egg whites raechelle mentioned.

    Tuna = Cat food to me - but hey if you like it! :)

  3. Anonymous11:11 am

    just a FYI
    whenever i get a coldsore, i use this stuff called virasoothe from NZ google it (i noticed your coldsore entry thats how i got here)
    virasoothe has done wonders for me
    or maybe its the bactine and benzo peroxide w/ tea tree oil mix i do :)
    just a heads up for next time.

  4. Anonymous1:14 pm

    eeew egg whites and tuna!

    sorry bout the phone cutting out last night, i lost connection due to bloody lack of battery power and i didnt have a charger on me!

  5. Hi Katie - Great work - you are doing so well!

    I have seen frozen egg whites in at least two woolies stores in the freezer section - so try there.

    AS for the clothes - I am in the same boat as you - all my work clothes are too big for me. I don't even want to buy more though because I am leaving the profession when we move to canberra and I won't need navy anymore - so I am putting up with the looseness for now. BUT I did have to go out and buy some new black pants and I got them at the table eight clearance place at DFO - not sure if you have one near you in Sydney - but for $29 for pants that fit that is pretty good and affordable.

    I remember Alicia Negrin saying that her rings stopped fitting her when she was at about the same point as you. She went and bought a "new" wedding ring - a mesh ring from Tiffany's. I thought it was a nice idea. It could also be like a reward to yourself and a reminder of the time and effort you have spent putting into your goals.

    As for tuna - I'm off tuna at the moment - some ladies at work were eating it at the same table as me yesterday and I had to move because of the smell! Sorry!


  6. Anonymous6:05 pm

    The tuna thing is the smell.

    I say buy new clothes, you deserve it.

  7. I go with the rest about some new clothes, but I suggest you do it with the perspective of being realistic that in the future you will need clothes in a range of sizes, as you can't (or shouldn't) maintain your comp weight for long periods of time. Looking at other figure competitors, fitness guru's and athletes, all say that they achieve a certain weight/look for certain peak times, and then revert to a more comfortable weight in between. This means accepting that it is normal and ok to have clothes in a couple of sizes - and not see it as failure when you move back up a size!
    You're doing a great job - once again I wish I was achieving the same as you - i sooo need to be at 59!

  8. Jen Hendershott has clothes in 2 or 3 sizes....competition, maintenance, and oops, overdid it!

    I love tuna.

  9. I would buy a few new things - I have a few pairs of smaller pants I picked up at Sussan for about 20 bucks in a ...yipes, size 6 - my refugee pants :)

    Try Golden Edge Egg Whites in the freezer section at Woollies near the pastry and the frozen berries :)

    Tuna? I like it but also like most other protein sources and mix it up :)


  10. I wouldn't buy many new clothes that will haunt you - I would just buy a few very well chosen things that will tide you over - you can think of them as your "in training" clothes (not your thin clothes).

    what type of clothes do you normally wear? you might chose something totally different. you might even find something (wrap dress comes to mind) that works at both sizes.

    another thing to consider is buying two sizes of the exact same thing if it is something that you love.

    resale shops would be another idea - they OFTEN have small sizes - just like the sale racks.