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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

T minus 68

Weight : 59.8 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1401 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -1 calories remaining. 16% of the calories are from fat, 44% from protein, 40% from carbs
Exercise : Upper Body + Treadmill Intervals
1 hr 02 min : 559 calories : 166 max hr : 129 av hr

So, thankfully, it wasn't a dream or the result of under eating, I am lighter than yesterday and firmly in the 50's.

This morning we celebrated an unassisted, unmedicated bathroom event. First time since New Zealand. Yay!

My period is due tomorrow. I don't feel like it is coming at all. Although I know I wished for it to stop, I didn't want it to stop so soon. I want the weight I am now to be my off season weight, but I can't be maintaining at a BF% that stops my period, can I? Maybe I got lucky and hit menopause!!

This morning I increased all my weights and dropped back to 10 reps. I must have needed it because I haven't work so hard in a while - I was sweating, red faced and on the verge of crying like a baby. I have outgrown the girl weights on my bench press and now use the big boys 25lb ones. I am so tough :)

I was completely shattered by the end of the lifting and then had to do sprint intervals on the treadmill. My instructions are to hit 11km/hr + on the one minute sprints. I only managed 10km and even then I was perilously close to falling off the treadmill. I was so sweaty I nearly dissolved in a puddle on the floor.

I am looking forward to Easter because my gym is open every single day. Every other gym I have belonged to has always been closed on public holidays so this is a nice change. It looks like there are no classes though. I might shuffle things around so I get 4 unhurried sessions in and use my rest days on work days.

Sad that I look forward to training time and not Easter eggs ... well, maybe not so sad after all.


  1. don't go wishing for menopause, it is NOT FUN!!!! Yaaa for the 'unassisted' bathroom episode, so happy for you...*snigger*

  2. You are doing sooooooo well!!!!
    Good on you!!!! It must feel fabulous to see a "5" at the start of the scales. All your efforts are paying off!

    Also - I tried those tuna and sweet potato fritters you posted a while back....They are so delicious! I don't even feel like I am eating healthy food!

    Miss Pinky

  3. Anonymous4:01 pm

    yikes, is it normal to lose your period during training? how can that be good for you?!?!?!!

    anyhoooooty, good on you for making the 50's in such fine form.. loving it!


  4. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Well done on reaching the 50s, you are doing great.

  5. Yeahhh - thats what I said when I saw your morning weigh in results. 2 days in a row - just fab.
    The weights stuff is great! You've passed me on the bench press - last time I bench pressed (and its been a while) I was only doing 22.5.
    I've been doing sprint intervals with my weights too - they are such a killer, and today in HIIT I was doing 1 min sprint intervals at 11km/hr like you (except I wasn't trying to do this after weights). And last night during weights - a total sweat bucket too! Gosh - we are so in sync! (except for the scales, I really need to get my arse in gear!)

    Have a great Easter - I'm so looking forward to increased training time that isn't rushed!