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Saturday, 15 March 2008

T minus 71

Weight : 60.3 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1274 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 126 calories remaining. 20% of the calories are from fat, 41% from protein, 39% from carbs
Exercise : Upper Body + Elliptical/Rower Intervals + Run
+ Incline Bench Press to 10kg
+ Lat pulldown to 28kg
+ Shoulder Press to 8kg
+ Lateral Raises to 4kg
1 hr 38min : 587 calories : 153 max hr : 129 av hr

The dark cloud of migraine has finally lifted and enabled me to go to the gym this morning. I felt strong so I increased some of my weights and did tricep dips with my feet elevated.

I am still bloated this morning - the ring test (whether or not my rings slide around) indicated holding water.

The past two days have been hideous with the "highlight" being a full on fight with my husband and a crying episode. I managed not to eat any bad food, but I really really wanted to. Chocolate and deep fried potato scallops are the perfect medicine for physical and emotional pain. Nurofen and Mersyndol don't have the same effect.

I think I am stressed about moving. Living in our house gets more and more worrying every day. The next door neighbours got broken in to a few nights ago, and my husband keeps a butchers knife in the front room and a hammer under the bed. I am not so worried that we will get hurt, but that he will hurt someone else and then be charged with some crime. We are off to look at some more houses today so hopefully we can get out of here soon.

These last few days I have noticed that I can see veins in weird places. I can see them running down the sides of my abdomen towards my thighs. I guess it is something new to get used to.


  1. You reminded me of an old story about my grandfather. He was a jolly old Irishman. Family lore has it that when the kids were little someone broke into their farmhouse and he shot and killed them. When he called to report it to the county sheriff, the sheriff paused and said - where was he when you shot him - grandfather replied - coming through the bay window in the living room. Sherriff paused again and said - make sure he fell IN, before I get there. I have never know whether this is lore or true. It might well be true - I ( have always) totally believed it.

  2. My mind always goes to the "worst" and I have learned to accept this. I stop for a moment and think "if the worst thing happens - what will I do?" then I get some type of plan in my head. Then I can let it go - I guess I am prepared/ready. I have been doing this since I was a child. I used to get stuck on the "worst" and now I don't - it is like when random thoughts come in during yoga - where you sort of acknowledge that it is THERE and then send it on its way. In yoga one is not supposed to stop and THINK about it - just send it on its way. But I find with these "worsts" that if I think about - okay - what would I do - and then have some type of plan - I CAN now let it GO without getting stuck/rumminating on it for hours/days/weeks. This is real progress for me.

  3. Oh babe that sounds so scary! I am so far behind but I hope by the time I reach the end it has you moving into a new place. xoxo