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Sunday, 16 March 2008

T minus 70 - 10 week weigh in

I would love you to think that this is what I weighed this morning - but I cheated. This is what I weighed after half an hour of weights and an hour on the treadmill without any food :(

This is what I weighed when I got up ...

So the result of bucket loads of veggies and lowering my calories = 100gms lost. Big deal.

The end.

Weight : 60.1 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1359 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 41 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 44% from protein, 42% from carbs
Exercise : Lower Body + Run
1 hr 31min : 861 calories : 164 max hr : 133 av hr


  1. I have a suggestion for you KatieP... there's a place in Oxford St in Darlinghurst where you can get a DEXA scan, which does bone density, muscle weight / fat weight / body fat analysis, etc. It's a heck of a lot more exacting than the bf scales and also calipers (calipers suck). It might give you an idea of exactly where you are.

    I had it done last week with Jarrod, and got 10% higher BF than with calipers, but learnt that my bone density is off the charts, and I have 26kg more muscle than most females. I have 9kg of fat to lose, and he gave me calories per day to get there, and things like that.

    I honestly think it would assist in the end goal of the figure competition (which you will kick arse at by the way), because it feels so much more than a scale tells you.

    Just a suggestion. :)

    And stop weighing yourself before workouts and after!! :P

  2. My god, those scales like messing with you. Did you try cutting your toenails, fingernails, hair etc?

    I know the wise thing is to ingore the scales but I also know I wouldn't be... I'd be screaming at them.

  3. It isn't really cheating - you did actually weight that. So at some time of the day you are weighing under 60kgs. Just keep up the consistency of approach and when you are NOT CHECKING EVERY 5 MINS !!!!! you will jump this hurdle and weigh less than 60 on a regular basis!
    I know, I know, I'm just like you with the scales though.