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Thursday, 17 April 2008

T Minus 38 - (almost) normal blogging will resume

Weight: 57.5kg
Yesterday's food: You have used 1338 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 62 calories remaining. 13% of the calories are from fat, 43% from protein, 43% from carbs
Exercise : Lower Body and Elliptical Intervals
1 hour 26 min : 760 calories : 172 max hr : 132 average hr

Internet is at last re-connected so I can blog properly and track my food in Calorie King at dinner time instead of just guessing. Y A H O O! The router doesn't appear to be working yet and hubby is asleep (he has 2am starts this week) so I'm not on the wireless laptop yet, but I can use Mr Katie's computer (especially because he is asleep).

G00gle reader says I have over 1,000 posts to read so I will take a bit of time to catch up. I promise I there will be comments all over the place!!

My weight has risen mysteriously today, after a completely on-track day yesterday. I can only think that it is because TTOM was due today (and hasn't yet arrived). I do have a visible pot belly which is not normally there.

Mr Katie has gone down with my flu now and of course he is suffering much more than me ... because he is a man. I have never heard such moaning and groaning.

He is a sweetie though. I must tell you a funny story.

The other night I was prancing around the bathroom in my best Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) from Alien impersonation in a singlet and knickers and showing Mr Katie my muscles. I said "Look honey, my abs almost look like that girl in the picture on the mirror" (I have the picture at the top of my blog plastered all over the house). He said "What do you mean 'that girl'? Isn't that you?".

"Sweetheart", said I "what makes you think that is a picture of me, and if it is, why would I plaster it all over the house?"

He said "I just thought that was how you looked and you just wanted to remind yourself so you didn't eat too much chocolate and put on weight".

So, mercifully (or not?), I have a husband who doesn't actually register what I actually look like. He doesn't notice if I'm big or small, lean or squishy. He just sees me, and the package doesn't even warrant a second thought. Weird eh?


For Essie - I track my calories with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. And DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness = OUCH!!


  1. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Welcome back to normal blogging. You are looking awesome in your latest pics, well done :)

  2. I'm sooo glad your internet is back on - I'm very reliant these days on your daily blogging - and where are my pictures of your scales? - I love and miss them too. I've been quite distressed at times when the regular post hasn't arrived on time!
    Onya girl

  3. Funny how men always suffer worse. ;)

    And they don't know what their own wife looks like. I have a 'before' photo on my blog that my husband took and he said to me the other day, "You were never fat." I showed him the photo and told him he took it. But he still insists "that's not fat." Duh, I was like 50 pounds heavier than now.

    Love your blog!

  4. *snort* My husband is completely blind when it comes to my appearance too. Must be a man thing.

    It is sweet though - great to have someone who loves YOU, not the wrapping you come in.

  5. Awww ... that's so sweet!

  6. Aww isn't he sweet.