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Monday, 7 April 2008

T minus 48

Weight 58.3kg
Yesterday's food: unrecorded
Yesterday's workout: Upper body and Cardio Coach #6 on treadmill
1 hour 50 min : 956 calories : 168 max hr : 127 average hr
Today's Workout: Spin
1 hour 11 min : 787 calories : 170 max hr : 145 average hr

Yesterday after I finished at the gym I went out for brunch and ate fruit french toast with mushrooms, maple syrup, bacon and hash browns. I was in a sugar coma by the end of it but damn it was good!

This morning I weighed 58.2kg which I can handle as a fairly moderate sugar spike.

Also this morning I went to my first 'proper' spin class in a darkened room. I LOVED it and worked really hard burning 787 calories for the session.

Sadly I'm back to meat and vege today trying to shed my treat meal bloat.

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