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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Weigh In 7 weeks to go

Weight: 57.3kg

I am entering this from my Blackberry so no pretty formatting.

I didn't end up giving in to the fish and chips but Coach has ordered a cheat meal obviously because I am showing signs of rebellion.

I didn't train yesterday because I felt really nauseated and had a headache. I did manage to stay Paleo (without sweet potato) for the whole day.

The weight is falling off me. I can now tell when a good loss is coming because of the frequency and volume of my peeing. I pee copius amounts all through the day and night.
I really like the way I look at the moment and wonder if I could maintain at this weight after the competition?

I gave in and joined F1tness F1rst at Elizabeth Plaza. It is huge and has heaps of classes. It is not open on the weekends but Walker St around the corner is. I am heading off for a workout then it is time for my treat meal - I am thinking pancakes and icecream.


  1. i am sooooo wrapped u joined FF!!! i will come and workout with u every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great work Katie - you must be looking smokin' hot! You won't regret a minute of all of this once you are up on that stage!

  3. Walker St Walker St Walker St!!! Forget Elizabeth Plaza :)

  4. Hey Katie...Just wondering what method do you use to get your bodyfat?

  5. You should have contacted me before you joined. I would have done you a deal. Ah well all done now. Hopefully when I move back to Sydney we'll get a chance to meet

  6. How do you have the pounds dropping off? I average less calories then you and am strength training 2 days a week - cardio-ing 6-7 days a week.

    I'm so frustrated!

    Congratulations on being fabulous through middle age - I'm hoping to get there, before my middle age is long past!