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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

T Minus 46

Weight : 57.4 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1417 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -17 calories remaining. 12% of the calories are from fat, 38% from protein, 50% from carbs
Exercise : Body Combat + Lateral Raises
1 hour 09 min : 663 calories : 165 max hr : 134 average hr

It is a little sad when you can't lift your arms enough to get your sports bra on the morning you are scheduled to do your first Body Combat class. Fortunately, after you warm up, the pain subsides into a dull ache :)

Follow that up with 4 sets of lateral arm raises and taking your sports bra off again is a whole other story.


My gripe for today is people who leave early. There are a number of, in my opinion, very rude people who leave class before it is finished. These are probably the same people who walk out before concerts are finished or before the movie is finished. I may be old fashioned, but I think if you commit to attending a class or seeing a show, you should stay until it is over. I was brought up to believe that walking out shows a lack of interest, or respect.

I suppose it doesn't matter so much in a movie because the performers can't see you, but the class instructor or the artists on stage certainly can. I realise people have to get to work, catch the bus or get out of the car park before everyone else, but next time you pick up your bag and head for the door before an event is over, consider the message you are sending both the performers/instructors and other members of the audience/class.

I mean, would 5 more minutes kill you?

Those of you who miss cool down don't give yourselves the opportunity to repay the oxygen debt from the class, and let the blood clear all the toxins from your muscles. (I don't know if this is scientifically accurate but it sounds good!). If you can't walk tomorrow, or feel exhausted rather than invigorated after class ... don't come crying to me!

The end.


Weight loss update - I can no longer wear my rings, so I am down to just my wedding ring that spins around my finger.

Yoga feel weird because I can achieve poses without fat getting in the way.

The wrinkly skin on my stomach has all but disappeared. It appears that if I am lean enough and lose the fat under my skin it sucks to my body better. I have less cellulite in my butt but my legs still look dimply.


Fitness Expo - Is anyone going to the Fitness Expo at Darling Harbour on the weekend? Any competition girls coming to town and up for a coffee. I haven't read anyone's blogs so I don't know what you are all doing. Leave a comment or an email if you want to catch up.


  1. Anonymous11:27 am


  2. Anonymous12:27 pm

    I'm flying up for it actually and will be there on Saturday. :o)

  3. I would love to be there but alas not this year

  4. Hi Katie,

    I leave Pump every Wednesday and Friday morning a full 12 minutes before the end of class and I miss abdominals and cool down because I have to be at work on time, or I get a bollocking from my boss.

    My instructor knows this and she waves bye with a big smile and shouts that she hopes the gridlock is kind to me that day.

    I've never considered what other people in the class think of my leaving, and I couldn't give a monkey's - but if you think I don't respect my instructor, you're wrong. I believe I am better to do 43 minutes of Pump class twice a week than sit on my skinny arse and do nothing, you know?

    At the weekends when time is on my side, I stay till the end of Pump both days, because I can.

  5. Shoosh about the bloody expo. I'm still sulking about missing it for the first time in 4 years.

    Hmm, unless maybe there's a $39 airfare happening somewhere. *runs off to check*

  6. Hi Katie
    How did you enjoy combat then? Its my absolute fave. Today I managed to do a spin class (which I hate - its very boring) followed by combat - kinda like the reward for eating your vegies!
    Oh - and I wish i understood about the wrinkly skin disappearing! Maybe one day I'll be there too.

  7. just stumbled upon your blog.

    love the quotes.

    off to explore the blog :)


  8. Do I remember that you have had NO surgery of any kind and all the ab work you have done at the gym is why your wrinkles and excess skin have gone away?

    I am working with a really good physical therapist on my lower back problems. I am realizing that I have never been able to really work my abs because of the back pain and fear of making it worse. We are working through this.

    So, I am sitting here wondering - going from 215+ lbs (I was never on a scale at my highest weight) down to goal range,
    and being 47,
    and having had 3 babies,
    and having asthma and inner ear problems,
    and bad knees and the back issues

    How good can I really get my belly?

    The abs flatness part gets better all the time.

    With clothes on I look okay - just straight/thick in the trunk.

    But can I really get rid of the wrinkles and "hanging" look? without surgery?