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Thursday, 10 April 2008

What do I eat?

This is in answer to the question 'what do I eat?'

The easiest way to explain it is to outline my food list. It is fundamentally just good clean food with the odd diet product to keep me sane.

* all fruit
* all vegetables including sweet and plain potatoes
* skinless chicken breast
* fish
* turkey
* lean beef
* lean pork
* egg whites (+ the odd whole egg)
* protein powder
* protein bars
* low fat cottage cheese, low fat cheese
* brown rice
* low fat yogurt
* gluten free bread
* st dalfour's jam (no added sugar)
* diet jelly
* no sugar icecream
* corn thins
* almonds or pecans
* oats
* gluten free muesli
* sugar free dark chocolate

On paleo days (p) I drop the diary, grain, potatoes and diet products.

Breakfast 8am
Always pancakes - 4 egg whites with protein powder, oats and cottage cheese on normal days and with fruit instead of oats and CC on paleo days

Snacks 11am and 5pm
Protein bar or
Fruit and nuts (p) or
Fruit pancakes (p) or
Yogurt and muesli or
Toast or corn thins with CC and jam

Lunch 2pm
Lean meat (100g) and salad/veggies with balsamic vinegar dressing (p)
With cheese or CC or rice if calories/carbs allow

Dinner 8pm
Lean meat (150g) and salad/veggies (p) or
Omlette (p)
With rice depending on carb count for the day
With cheese if calories allow

Dessert if calories allow
Jelly and icecream with fruit or
Toast with CC and jam or
Fruit (p) or
Sugar free dark chocolate

I can't think of anything I desperately miss. I still eat chocolate, fruit instead of sweets, baked veggies instead of chips/fries. I eat canned beetroot, corn, frozen peas and mixed veggies. I drink far too much diet coke.

My only advice is to log everything in cal king because when you eat tons of veggies they do add up. It is also good to enter your day's food before you eat it and then you can manipulate the ratios by adjusting quantity or food choice.

A reminder that I aim for 1400 calories every day with 40% carbs and protein and 20% fat. I do paleo on alternate days.

Any questions please feel free to ask.


  1. We eat very similar things Katiep! (except you eat so much more, cause you aren't mad or insane).

    Bravo to you, keep going - I think you are doing fantastically well and I can't wait for you to break into the low 50's - you can do it.

  2. Anonymous8:08 pm

    fantastic katie!! Thanks so much. You really are a great source of motivation!!


  3. Hey Katie, Paleo? Why do that?