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Sunday, 20 July 2008

FHMF Review Week One

- I made a public commitment to becoming a f*ckn huge motherf*cker
- I discovered that I am more comfortable at this point in my life continuing to log my calories and macros in Calorie King
- I focused on intensity of training rather than calories burnt
- I focused on my behaviour rather than the scales

- I took lots of healthy food with me to work because I knew that I would be very active and very stressed this week.
- I ate on-plan, clean healthy food at least four meals of every day.
- I did one RPM class
- I did one weight session/cardio at the gym
- I did body weight leg training at home
- I did a personal training session
- I spent 3 days actively walking/standing for at least 10 hours each day
- I discovered that eating fat makes meals more satisfying and have increased my goal fat intake
- I ate entirely on plan on Saturday
- I had a nap instead of eating

- I found motivation and inspiration from other blogger including some great comments, photos and quotes
- I blogged daily to help myself stay on track and to hopefully help others
- I was grateful for my partner, my friends, my FHMF peeps, my house, my job and that World Youth Day is only 5 days out of my entire life (and that is it OVER for me)
- I felt slim, attractive and stylish wearing my new clothes I bought in Melbourne (thanks to my personal stylist)
- I deleted subscriptions to blogs that don't inspire or motivate me to do better

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  1. Anonymous10:33 am

    You sound like you're doing great! Keep it up!