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Monday, 21 July 2008

An unscheduled break in transmission

Gang, I'm having a rough time.

I am taking a break from my ridiculous desire to be some bizarre cheerleader for health and fitness.

I am struggling to practice what I preach so I feel like a fraud. There may be an absence of blogging while I sort myself out.

This from Skwigg (quoted from Brad Pilon) says it all.

Healthy is finding a way of eating and a way of exercising that you love, that causes you no stress, that doesn't make you injured or sick, and that gives you a body that looks the way you want it to and can do the things you want it to do.

When it comes to being healthy I think the key is finding a balance between doing the things you love and the things you need to do.


  1. Sounds like you need a holiday from everything.

    Big hug for you, Katie.

  2. Great quote! Hope you get things sorted out.
    Balance is definitely the key.

  3. I hope you find your balance Miss K - you are amazing and have come such a long way. You will come out stronger at the other end (and I'm not just talking about your buffness). Chin up sweetie.

    I thought of a daily challenge for you... reward yourself. What are you going to do today to reward your efforts - it doesn't have to cost anything (but it could!) - it could be as simple as some time out with a trashy mag and a long hot bath.

  4. take it easy katie, you are good enough just the way you are right now. i hope you know that.

  5. Anonymous10:24 am

    Everything is okay, it just doesn't seem that way to you right now. Relax. It's all good.


  6. Ring me tonight - we need to talk!

  7. Thinking of you Katie - I hope you get it sorted and you find a way to feel like the fantastic girl you are

    Tanya xxx

  8. Anonymous5:43 pm


  9. You are right - the quote says it all.
    Sometimes you exhaust me too in your continued cheerleading(!LOL) - how about you be the audience for a while and sit back and enjoy life?