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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Countdown - T minus 6 weeks

Photo Shoot Challenge
★ Weight: 63.8kg

On Friday 12 December I am committed to participating in a photo shoot with Shelley and Nicole. I have 6 weeks to shift as much weight as I can.

I once commented that it would interesting to prep for a competition in only 6 weeks because it would force you to absolutely focus 100% as there is no time to stuff around - and here I am doing it.

There will be all of the usual pre-comp antics - tanning, hair, makeup, new outfit, nails, sodium depleting and carb loading - along with rice cakes and honey and jelly snakes on the day.

Last week was a good start with my nutrition much more under control. I think I lost some fat but it is hard to tell as I cut back on my carbs so most of it is probably water weight loss. The plan is simple - 1400-1500 calories a day and normal training without too much cardio (so I can keep my new muscles and add cardio in towards the end to get off the last few grams of fat). I am incorporating the "dirty diana" diet strategy which is a daily indulgence in not so nutritious food except my treats are far more decadent than a pepsi max and protein bar (think carrot cake and Snickers bars!)

I know that in order to be lean enough in the lower half, my upper body looks like a skeleton so I am not going to go that far. I probably won't do the whole bikini thing but rather some sexy workout gear with a singlet and pants (like the photo). I would be happy to lose about 5 kilos which would put me around 58-59 kgs. Unfortunately my usual weight loss pattern is only about 1/2 a kilo a week so this is an ambitious target but I am going to do my best (which is, after all, all I can do!).


  1. Yeah baby!! Bring it home to mumma! BuffMother that is!

    Sounds like a great plan stan.

    Comp prep - six weeks - let's do it!

  2. That is a great goal Miss Katie.

    Cant wait to see you in Dec!!
    S X

  3. go katie go love jewel

  4. Hmmm-ths sounds interesting-my curiosity feelers have come to life!
    And the beauty is-now that you've done a comp (speaking as a first time comper as well)-you know what is needed to get into shape for a one off photo shoot.

    Well done! Hope you're getting paid to! :)

  5. too! (I hate bad grammar)

  6. WHOOHOO!! Awesome Katie!! I am so glad you decided to join the challenge! Not so sure on the whole bikini thing either but we'll wait and see how the bod turns out. Look forward to seeing you and having a pose down in Dec! Nicole xxx

  7. PS Think I could jump the fence for this chick. What'dya reckon?

  8. Shelley - I'm a bit worried about you jumping the fence now especially as I will look like that chickie - I will have to reconsider the topless sunbaking LOL

    Sue - looking forward to sweating with you in RPM too

    Raechelle - payment is in food and fun!

    Nicole - pose down here we come!

  9. jewel - thanks sweetie xxx