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Monday, 10 November 2008

Weekend Warrior

At last I had a weekend when I didn't blow out my eating plan. I have the same challenges as lots of other people with being at home, having more time on my hands and spending time with Mr Katie who loves taking me to cafes or getting takeaway.

Going back to low carb eating has made the difference. Living on protein, vegetables, nuts and dairy is much more satisfying and controls my hunger. I no longer wake with a gnawing ravenous appetite every morning. I even survived a RPM class yesterday without heading for the raisin toast.

I am so happy that it is Monday morning and I don't have a food hangover and puffy fingers. I even went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday which is the first time in a long time.

Now if only the scales would cooperate, I would be a happy girl. They seem to be stuck on the same number. I guess it beats the wild fluctuations and slow upward creep at least!


  1. uhh puffy fingers. I hate that. great job on your eating!

    Kelly Turner

  2. Glad to see you come back to the dark side, Katie! Erika

  3. Nuts really fill me up and control my hunger as well. Just the thought of the raisin toast makes my mouth water! ;) Well done resisting!

    You are doing great - keep it up!