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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Why is Nothing Happening?

I have been sticking to my controlled carb diet (for want of a better word) since Monday 3 November - 10 days ago. My starting weight was 63.8kg. In that whole time the scales have fluctuated only about 200g either way. Nothing is happening.

I am wrong about my calorie limit (1400), do I need to do more cardio, is moderate fat the culprit, is my metabolism fucked, am I under eating/over training???

I am so envious of those people who start a new diet and drop 3 kilos in a matter of days. It has never happened to me.

Luckily for me I would rather eat this way and not be starving and stay the same weight than the alternative which is to increase my carbs and feel hungry all the time and then binge. If I am doomed to be stable in the high 63s for ever it is preferable to being out of control and the scales slowly rising.

But I am an old hand at this. I can tell when my body is changing without worrying so much about the scales. I look leaner, my stomach is flatter and my clothes fit slightly better. I know the scales will catch up. I was stuck for three weeks on my last diet and was rewarded at the end with a 2 kilo loss.

So having said all that I am so pleased to announce that this morning my weight was 63.1 kg after weighing in at 64 kg yesterday morning. We are moving at long last!! HURRAH!!

**my old 'happy' weight was about 62 kg and I am carrying at least 2 kg more muscle since then so 64 kg is not as bad as it sounds - I am 10kg over competition weight and I would like to be able to maintain at 5kg over - 59kg.


  1. We know scales lie Miss K. Mens cruel joke on women!
    Have a great day sweetheart.

  2. I stick 100% to my calorie limit and ratios and train hard and still the scales go up but then BANG they drop a shit load. What gives?

    Stick with it babe and you'll always be the winner in the end.

  3. Hi Katie, I've just finished reading Fat or Fiction by Donna Aston. As Cheryl said scales lie, we all know that, but sometimes we need to have it knocked into us again! She talks about body composition, and using clothes and the tape measure as a guide. I'm getting frustrated at the minute, but I'm not going to let the scales rule me anymore.