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Thursday, 4 December 2008

AD Day 2

Weight ... 63 (P)
Fat ... 99
% ... 56
Protein ... 154
% ... 39
Carb ... 20
% ... 5
Cals ... 1601

I have been consulting my partner in crime Shelley and we have decided I should try to carb loading tomorrow. I have kept my carbs under 50g for the last 5 weeks and under 30 for the past 2 weeks. I can see decent muscles appearing but they are flat. I am going to trial carb load to see how I might turn out for the photo shoot.

Tomorrow I am going to get up early and thrash myself at the gym to completely deplete any last vestiges of glycogen in my muscles. I am going to eat oats during the day at work and then sweet potato for dinner and my treats afterwards. I will be pumped for the gym on Saturday and take advantage of the extra energy to do a wicked leg workout while getting straight back on the low carb wagon. There will before and after photos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see how I look at the different stages.

I have my oats in the fridge pre-soaking and my maple syrup and yogurt all measured out.
Ahhh - I'm scared [of not being able to stop eating] but excited about how great my muscles will look with my veins sticking out.

I may trade my rocky road for some more oats or sweet potato but I'll see how it goes. There is conflicting information about low GI carbs and high GI carbs to replenish glycogen stores so we will see. I just don't want to be having huge sugar crashes tomorrow night and waking up the sleeping dragon so much I can never get him back to sleep again!

See you on the other side of a carb coma xxx

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your full, luscious muscles!