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Friday, 5 December 2008

Refeed Mid Morning Update

I sit at work at 10:30 and my stomach is rumbling. It is 2.5 hours since breakfast of oats, maple syrup and yogurt. This is the first time I have felt physical hunger pains in weeks.

So far, I am not having as good a time as I expected.

You know how your hair looks crap for weeks and on the day you finally have a hair cut booked it looks great?

I have been feeling a bit crappy for the last two weeks and after deciding to re-feed today I woke up feeling fantastic and had the best workout. Didn’t really want to eat my oats after all, but I did. And now I am physically hungry. It is as if all the carbs got sucked up by my muscles and didn’t leave anything over for fuel.

And I have a haircut booked tonight and today my hair looks great …


1 comment:

  1. LOL that is just not fair!
    I'm sure your hair will look even greater after the cut :-)